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IT Managed Services and Cybersecurity


Three Decades Helping the Pacific Northwest Solve their Technology Issues

In 2001, after roughly 15 years of independent consulting experience Dan Neuwirth started Dan The Troubleshooter with the mission of providing outstanding computer, software and network support to home and home office users.

Since then, we’ve grown and added technical and office staff, and we’ve shifted our focus to  small business users and holistic server, desktop, cloud, cybersecurity and IT management.  Reflecting that shift, in August, 2008 we changed our company name to DTS InfoTech LLC.

Now, our focus is in helping small business and home office clients increase their productivity at work and at home, offering server installation and upkeep, cloud connectivity and storage, system maintenance, a full range of round-the-clock managed services and cybersecurity monitoring,  spyware and adware removal, remote-assisted support, troubleshooting, purchase advice, networking and a host of other services.

Our company slogan is “Small Business is our Passion.”

As a small business ourselves, our passion is to be a part of helping other small businesses get off the ground and grow as we have.  We love watching companies outgrow the bedroom, then the den, then the small hole-in-the-wall office they once leased into their new building.  We’ve seen it happen time and again.  We conduct business in an easy-going, laid-back style, and we’re always happy to chat.

This web site and our services are the product of a 30-plus-year history of working in the PC industry.  We appreciate you stopping by, and hope this gives you a little peek into who we are and the services we provide. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to call.

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