DTS understands Olson & Jones

OJC logoOur small business needs proficient, honest and sensible service. As a small business cannot be proficient in all areas, we must rely on DTS to provide the best options and solutions.

DTS set-up our first server network 8 years ago (in computer land this is forever). In 2014 the time had come to upgrade and the thought made us panic for fear of the complications and interruptions to our business.  Our leadership staff had different concerns and opinions. DTS provided meetings to educate and relax our many concerns and opinions before we made the big “SWITCH”.

The “SWITCH” included all new systems and a conversion to the cloud services. Although Dan Neuwirth was present in our office for a week our only interruption to business lasted a few hours. The “SWITCH” has been no big deal, and we are happy to be a part of the latest and greatest. From time to time we have had a glitch or two but all hiccups are fixed and handled in a timely manner.

Through the years our company has benefited by having a reliable, trust worthy computer system. Bottom line…….. We can come to work and get work done.

It has been a few months with our new system in place and today Dan came by the office to help me clean-out my computer cabinet. Truly amazing……..Dan was on the ground going through several years of software CD’s, wires and knickknacks that had collected in our computer cabinet.  I was terrified to take on the chore myself not knowing what to keep for our new system or what to get rid of.  Dan took special time to help with every little item and it was so very helpful.

Thank you DTS!

Gwen Rhodes

Office Manager

Olson & Jones Construction, Inc.