Working from home and 6 Risks To Mitigate

by Dan Neuwirth

on July 24, 2020

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A short video on Working From Home. Informative, helpful, and well worth three minutes of your time.

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Working from home is the new normal

In-person interaction is a nice way to do business, but working from home, also known as remote work, is quickly becoming the norm.

The adoption of more internet-enabled applications for communication, production, and storage has given rise to a more dynamic workforce that's ready to do business anytime, anywhere. These applications have eliminated the need for everyone to be in the same building, or even the same country, to get things done.

Working from home brings new cybersecurity challenges

As companies navigate the transition to remote operations, they've discovered that working from home brings new cybersecurity challenges to the table – and bad actors excel at finding creative ways to exploit those opportunities to strike.

By making mitigation of six significant risks a top priority, companies can quickly boost their defenses and avoid potential cybersecurity pitfalls as their employees continue working from home.

This week we begin our risk mitigation series with passwords.

Risk #1 – Lock everything up tightly starting with passwords

The fastest way for bad actors to penetrate a company's defenses is by obtaining that company's passwords, especially for administrator and executive accounts. Over 80% of data breaches are directly caused by weak, cracked, or stolen passwords.

Managing your login credentials

Between work and personal systems, one user might need to manage as many as 135 different login credentials, and that's a lot to keep track of – which is why people tend to reuse, recycle, and increment their passwords. Workers repurposing the same passwords in both work and home applications (and rarely updating them) is also endemic, and that can also leave an opening for the bad guys if one gets compromised.

Tools for credential authentication

Using a cutting-edge tool for credential authentication, management, and storage throws up a roadblock between cybercriminals and data. A secure access and identity management solution that combines user-friendly multifactor authentication, personalized single sign-on portals for every user, and responsive remote access management tools keep cybercriminals from breaking in, even if they have a bootleg password.

Does all of this seem a bit too much for you? DTS InfoTech can help

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