Working From Home

by Wally Moore

on October 12, 2020

in Working Remotely

A short video on Working From Home. Informative, helpful, and well worth two minutes of your time.

Work From HomeRead a transcript of the video:

Working from home brings new cybersecurity challenges.

As companies navigate the transition to remote operations, they've discovered that working from home brings new cybersecurity challenges right to their table – and bad actors excel at finding creative ways to exploit those opportunities to strike.

By making mitigation of six significant risks a top priority, companies can quickly boost their defenses and avoid potential cybersecurity pitfalls, as their employees continue working from home.

This is our sixth and final video in a series about risk mitigation. This video is entitled – Don't Get Too Comfortable

Risk #6 – Don't Get Too Comfortable

Yes, you read that right. It's tempting for employees to take calls or do their work from the couch with their laptop.

While this may seem like a good idea, in the long run, it's bound to cause back issues and muscle strain. Better to find a good office-type chair and use the dining table or a desk in a well-lit room, to avoid longer-term health issues.

Remind employees not to forget the health basics: periodically stand up, stretch or take a walk, drink water, get plenty of sleep, and don't skip meals.

Healthy employees will have sharper minds and will more likely be on guard for those inevitable phishing attempts, while poor workspace ergonomics can lead to fatigued, frustrated, and hurting workers.

Your distributed workforce can become your strongest asset as the frontline of defense.

Does all of this seem a bit too much for you? DTS InfoTech can help

We're good at working from home because we all work from home here at DTS InfoTech, and have for the past twenty years.

We have the tools, technology, expertise, and practical experience to train you

We know how intimidating technology can be! We make a living helping people just like you, who have questions about all things technology, and that includes working from home.

Most small businesses don't have the technical resources or time to understand all this geek stuff. If this describes you, we can help.

If you would like more information about working from home, give us a call, we're always happy to chat, and the call is free. Thanks for watching!

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