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by Wally Moore

on September 23, 2020

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Six Risks To Mitigate: Number Four

A short video on working from home. Informative, helpful, and worth two-minutes of your time.

Work From Home

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Working from home brings new cybersecurity challenges

As companies navigate the transition to remote operations, they've discovered that working from home brings new cybersecurity challenges right to their table – and bad actors excel at finding creative ways to exploit those opportunities to strike.

By making mitigation of six significant risks a top priority, companies can quickly boost their defenses and avoid potential cybersecurity pitfalls, as their employees continue working from home.

This is our fourth video in a series about risk mitigation. This video is entitled:

Risk #4 – Enforce The Rules

Remote workers aren’t just using more applications and email – they’re also using more devices, in more places.

In the old world, workers often used a company-provided computer at work, and a separate computer at home, keeping home and work clearly separated. But nowadays, many workers use one computer for everything, and they can create complications that crack open a window for the bad guys.

Companies must create and enforce strict bring-your-own-device policies and safety protocols for systems access and data handling. Workers that are signing in from publicly accessible WIFI networks, toting around passwords on sticky notes, or transferring data haphazardly, create vulnerabilities that aren’t accounted for in even the best cybersecurity plans.

Clear policies and strong rule enforcement, keep everyone on the same page, which keeps your systems and data secure.

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