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by Dan Neuwirth

on July 7, 2020

in Working From Home

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Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, thousands upon thousands of employees were told working from home - remotely - was the new normal.

They were sent home by their company

Many were ill-prepared - putting it mildly - to actually work once they were at home. Never mind the social distancing part of it.

Additionally, cybersecurity was not considered by some companies

Apparently, some IT departments just issued employees a computer with the admonition to, “Just plug this laptop/desktop into your internet, and you’re good to go!” That’s fine to say if their network was built with secure mobile capabilities in the first place. But some IT departments did not build their networks with secure mobile capabilities and they paid the price for it with severe problems.

How do we know this? Because of the problems that were reported. When networks are built properly, they work. There is nothing to report on.

Here at DTS InfoTech we told many of our clients to just take it home, plug it in, and you’re good, because long before the pandemic arrived, we intentionally built our networks to handle that capability. Consequently, when our clients were sent home, they had very few problems. Things mostly just “worked”.

But across the country and the world, many people sent home to work didn’t have as great an experience. They arrived home to find they couldn’t access their company shared drives, their applications, and in some cases, even their e-mail. They were dead in the water.

It didn’t have to be that way!

In fact, it shouldn’t have been that way. Technology is available today, and widely used - and has been for quite some time - that allows anyone to work anytime, anywhere without sacrificing efficiency or security. It’s true. We know this is true because we use it all the time.

So, you can plug it in if you build it properly in the first place. Just saying,’. How? Keep reading.

This technology is:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Efficient
  • Secure

Use it one time - you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Who knew?

That’s the question some folks were asking when word got around that people working from home were experiencing severe technology issues, including ransomware attacks. They didn’t have this problem at the office! Or so they thought. But in fact, these issues are happening on a global scale.

Working from home was not considered safe

Working from home can be just as safe as working from your office. It can also be just as dangerous. It all depends on how you build the technology and train users.

Newsflash - your physical location does not determine the safety of your communication

Your safety is determined by your planning, configuration, and preparation for the digital world.

Geographical location has nothing to do with your digital safety.

Working remotely is not a knee jerk reaction to Covid-19

Working remotely is the future, and the future is now.

People around the world were working remotely - and securely - long before the pandemic arrived. Keep this in mind if you believe that you can only work safely from your physical office at a company location.

How does working remotely work?

A focal point is using technology known as File Sync & Share or FSS. Datto Workplace is our FSS partner. It’s what we use and recommend here at DTS InfoTech.

We could go into a very technical deep dive right now, but you would stop reading this and miss out on some excellent information that will most definitely help you. At its most basic, Workplace allows you to access your company’s shared files and folders, securely and reliably, from nearly any device, anywhere, and this includes tablets and mobile phones.

Source article credit

This post quotes information found in the article entitled “The Business Benefits of Datto Workplace” by Mit Patel of Netstar. We’ve summarized some of his thoughts in this blog post.

So, regarding File Sync & Share, we’re keeping this simple by stating there are three benefits for businesses to know about and four benefits for users. These numbers are minimal benefits. There are many more benefits.

A little about benefits

Benefits for a business

  1. Flexible working - supports your team and your business.
  2. Collaboration - improves how you store and exchange information.
  3. Secure File Storage – a file-sharing solution with robust encrypting, authentication, versioning, auditing, and accessibility controls.

Benefits for the users

  1. Reliable security measures
  2. Set Privacy standards
  3. Restore accidentally deleted files quickly and easily
  4. Centralized Management for all users and devices

The seven points listed above are absolutely valid. We wouldn’t print this if it were not true.

Configuration, employee training, and security

If your business has installed and configured Datto Workplace, trained users on using it, and performed a security audit on their home network, then you could tell remote workers that they’ll be good to go, and they indeed would be good to go.

Sadly, this was not the case in the reports we read on the absolute disaster some users and their companies experienced during the rush to protect the health of their employees by requiring them to work from home at the beginning of the pandemic.

Instead of experiencing technology at its best, companies and employees experienced the worst:

  • Business owners were stuck with unprepared employees working from home
  • Employees couldn’t see their work because their work was located on the server in the office
  • Employees were not efficient

A little bit about the experience

  • Business owners quickly realized their employees were barely able to work
  • Employees were scared about losing their jobs
  • Their bosses knew they weren’t productive. There was nothing the employee could do about it
  • Business owners could not sustain losing money, and they would have to terminate employees

How Datto Workplace works

Datto Workplace

Access your company files anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing efficiency or security.

Threat Detection and Management

Detects Ransomware infection, quarantines the source, notifies an administrator, and quickly reverts files to a clean state.

Multi-Tenant Management

Track client teams and storage with centralized Management and reliable configurations.

Sophisticated Administrative Controls

Give proper access to the right users with customizable user and group configurations and policy controls.

Complete File Sync and Share

Synchronize files across platforms, including mobile services.

Collaboration Platform

Share and work together in a document native file format.

Question – How can you work from home - or anywhere - as you do at the office?

Answer - Use Datto Workplace. It’s secure. It works.


Working from home need not be an unsafe, unhappy daily experience

You can be just as productive working from home as you can be at your office. People are working remotely around the world, safely, every day. We do it. You can too!

Here at DTS InfoTech, we have partnered with Datto because their products and services are the best we have ever used in managing information, and we’ve been managing data for a long time.

Or, as we like to say, tongue-in-cheek, we eat our own dog food. Not a dog lover? We drink our own Kool-Aid.

DTS InfoTech Can Help

We’re good at working from home. After all, DTS InfoTech is a virtual company; we all work from home and have for almost twenty years. Working from home is how we’ve made our living for many, many years.

On the other hand, most small businesses do not have the expertise, technical resources, or time to understand all this technology stuff. If this describes you, we can help.

If you would like more information, please give us a call, we’re always happy to chat, and the call is free!

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Dedicated to your success,

Dan Neuwirth


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