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by Wally Moore

on August 26, 2020

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August 25th, 2020 by Kevin Lancaster

New This Week in Cybersecurity News: This week: Carnival can’t sail out of a ransomware attack, Instacart has a second security stumble, rising breach penalties include legal troubles for a former Uber executive.

Dark Web ID’s Top Threats

  • Top Source Hits: ID Theft Forum
  • Top Compromise Type: Domain
  • Top Industry: Education & Research
  • Top Employee Count: 500+

New This Week in Cybersecurity News – United States 

United States –  Cooke County, Texas

Exploit: Ransomware

Cooke County, TX: Municipal Government 

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.972 = Severe
Attackers claimed to have used REvil ransomware on July 4 in a ransomware attack on the Cooke County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). In the resulting data breach, cybercriminals snatched personal identification information from an internal database. The compromised data came from either CCSO reports or cases going back several years. The gang posted their typical announcement about the hack showing data folders with filenames that appeared to reflect archived case files as well as current cases, including a threat that the files would be uploaded in seven days.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.201 = Severe
While no financial information was reported as stolen, PII was involved in the breach – not to mention potentially damaging or embarrassing legal records.

Customers Impacted: 2,000+

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Ransomware is most commonly delivered via a phishing email, although cybercriminals are expanding their use of phishing through messaging and SMS text.

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United States – University of Utah

Exploit: Ransomware

University of Utah: Institution of Higher Learning 

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 2.077 = Severe
Netwalker ransomware appears to be the culprit in a data breach at the University of Utah. The school reportedly paid a ransomware gang $457,059 in order to avoid having student information released online. The hack occurred on July 19, and the cybercriminals gained access to the network of the university’s College of Social and Behavioral Science [CSBS].

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.224 = Severe
Even when a ransom is paid, there’s never proof that the gang really did destroy the stolen data, instead of copying it or selling it. Students should be aware of this data being used in spear phishing attempts.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business  Ransomware is a persistent and pernicious threat to any business. Paying the criminals doesn’t guarantee the safety of stolen data – but blocking the initial attack does.

ID Agent to the Rescue: Ransomware often makes its way into company inboxes in the form of a phishing email. Why not stop that email from ever arriving with our NEWEST addition to our digital risk protection platform: Graphus, a smart AI-driven automated phishing defense solution so unique that it uses a patented algorithm to learn how businesses communicate for exactly the protection they need. LEARN MORE>>

United States – Instacart

Exploit: Unauthorized Access to Data

Instacart: Grocery Shopping and Delivery Service 

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.775 = Severe
In a statement posted to its website, Instacart has announced that it has suffered another data breach, less than a month after a breach that was widely reported in the media containing user account data. This time, two employees at a third-party service provider accessed accounts that they shouldn’t have, exposing customer information again.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.821 = Moderate
Instacart’s forensic investigation did not find any evidence the two support agents had downloaded or digitally copied data from its systems. The company’s contract with the third-party vendor has been terminated, and impacted accounts have been notified via email.

Customers Impacted: 2,180

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Although the pandemic will continue to drive their business as people who are unable to shop in person flock to the service, in other circumstances this would assuredly cause customer dissatisfaction, especially after the information for 278,531 Instacart accounts turned up in a Dark Web marketplace after the first one.

ID Agent to the Rescue:  Third party risk is a problem that every business faces today. Ensure that business credentials are monitored and protected from endangering companies if they end up in a Dark Web data dump as a result of a third party data breach with Dark Web ID. SEE A DEMO>>

United States – Freepik

Exploit: Unauthorized Database Access (Hacking)

Freepik: Photo and Graphic Library 

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.903 = Severe
Photo and graphics giant Freepik the security breach occurred after hackers were able to exploit an SQL vulnerability to gain access to one of its databases storing user data. The unidentified cybercriminals gained access to usernames and passwords for the oldest accounts registered on the Freepik and Flaticon websites, impacting millions of users.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.782 = Moderate
Potentially affected users have been notified via email. The company reports that impact varies per account. Not all users had passwords associated with their accounts. The company estimates that number at 4.5 million users who used federated logins (Google, Facebook, or Twitter) to log into their accounts. For the remaining 3.77M users the attacker got their email address and a hash of their password. For 3.55M of those users, the method to hash the password was bcrypt. For 229K users, the method was salted MD5. Since the attack, all users have been updated to bcrypt.

Customers Impacted: 8.3 million

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: It pays to guard old data too by updating storage security and access security. Many of the oldest databases and accounts involved in this incident had never had their security updated and it had long since become obsolete, making it easier for hackers to break in and steal.

ID Agent to the Rescue: Protect access points to data and systems with Passly, state-of-the-art security that minimizes threats by minimizing the openings that criminals can use to get at your data – but maximizing the identity and access management controls that keep that data safe. LEARN MORE>>

United States – Carnival Corporation

Exploit: Ransomware

Carnival Corporation: Cruise Line

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.903 = Severe
Carnival has released a statement noting that on August 15 attackers “accessed and encrypted a portion of one brand’s information technology systems,” and that the intruders also downloaded files from the company’s network. Preliminary assessment of the incident, Carnival said it expects that the attackers gained access to some guest and employees’ personal data, but it is still investigating the incident. This is Carnival’s second breach this year after another breach was disclosed in March.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.312 = Severe
The investigation into exactly what data and what kind of data was stolen is ongoing. Carnival expects that both passenger and employee data has been impacted, but has offered no specifics. Anyone who has traveled on a Carnival cruise and staffers should be wary of phishing and identity theft attempts.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Protection from ransomware starts with protection from phishing – including adding automated phishing protection and phishing resistance training to your employees.

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The Week in Breach News – Canada

Canada – Royal Military Colleges

Exploit: Ransomware

Royal Military Colleges – Military Training Higher Education System 

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 2.045 = Severe
A DoppelPaymer ransomware incident was reported last month affecting Canada’s military college system. Now that data from the Royal Military College (RMC) of Canada has appeared on the Dark Web this week. The Department of National Defence (DND) did not confirm the leak contains RMC information. Reports from analysts who have seen the data say that the files appear genuine and include student progress reports and acceptance letters, as well as a myriad of financial documents like tax receipts and budgets for various departments.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.603 = Moderate
No personally identifiable information or financial data for students appears to have been affected. Financial data appears to be concentrated in official channels. Exposure of student disciplinary records could potentially be embarrassing, and data could be used for spear phishing or blackmail attempts

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: No institution is immune to phishing – not even a huge government entity with access to cutting-edge technology and training. Every business of every size needs phishing resistance training.

ID Agent to the Rescue: Add phishing resistance training to your must-have solutions list to empower employees to remain aware of trouble in order to spot, stop, and report phishing attacks fast. LEARN MORE>>

Canada – Canpar Express

Exploit: Ransomware

Canpar Express: Shipping and Logistics

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 2.175 = Severe
Canadian logistics giant Canpar Express is just beginning to dig out from a ransomware attack that shut down some company capability last week. Extensive website outages including an inability to schedule pickups or deliveries led to many frustrated commercial and private customers, and they complained expensively on social media about delayed shipments and a lack of information. As of publication time, service had not yet been restored, and the company’s website contains only one page announcing the attack, with no estimated time of recovery listed.

Individual Risk: There is no information available about what (if any) information was stolen in this attack.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: A complete lack of communication on the company’s part is not soothing any tempers, and what little information has been made available doesn’t disclose any details or an expected recovery timeline, making customers feel disregarded.

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New This Week in Cybersecurity News – United Kingdom & European Union

United Kingdom – Myerscough College

Exploit: DDos/Hacking

Myerscough College: Institution of Higher Learning

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 2.707 = Moderate
In what had to be the most frustrating end-of-school saga possible for students and teachers, Myerscough College suffered a brutal denial of service attack that it said “severely damaged all IT infrastructure” on exam results day. The college’s systems were so badly impacted that everything was taken offline, with staff only able to be contacted through social media. Students were eventually able to recover test results after staffers manually emailed their grades.

Individual Risk: No sensitive data or financial information was reported as stolen, but the incident is still under investigation.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: An attack this crippling will not just impact the teachers and students involved, it will incur a significant recovery and rebuilding cost.

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United Kingdom – SnapFulfil

Exploit: Ransomware

SnapFulFil: Warehouse Management Software Developer

Severity Meter

Risk to Small Business: 1.407 = Extreme
In an email to customers last week, UK logistics software developer SnapFulFil reported that it had suffered a ransomware attack, shutting down operations for at least one customer, with other customers potentially impacted as well. There was no report of what data or systems were affected, and the developer claimed to be making upgrades that would protect clients from further harm.

Individual Risk: No personal information was reported as stolen in this incident.

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Ransomware can shut down your business completely, causing chaos for customers and damaging your professional reputation. A total systems shutdown will not help burnish the reputation of a company that specializes in warehouse management software.

ID Agent to the Rescue: Protecting a business from ransomware requires many tools these days. Our suite of digital risk protection solutions is ready to help businesses fight back against cybercrime like ransomware. SEE DEMO VIDEOS OF OUR SOLUTIONS>>

New This Week in Cybersecurity News – Asia

India – RailYatri

Exploit: Unsecured Database

RailYatri: Travel Facilitation Website 

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.791 = Severe
Cybersecurity researchers discovered Elasticsearch server without password protection or encryption on August 10 containing 43GB of customer and corporate data before it was deleted by the infamous “Meow” attacker. An estimated 37 million records linked to around 700,000 unique users of the popular site and a mobile app had data exposed including users’ full name, age, gender, physical and email addresses, mobile phone numbers, booking details, GPS location and names/first and last four digits of payment cards.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.227 = Severe
The data exposed in this breach could create an opportunity for identity theft, spear phishing attempts, or other social attack driven cybercrime. Users should reset their account password and stay alert for fraud attempts.

Customers Impacted: 700,000+

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Unsecured databases continue to be a problem, and with new cyberattacks like MeowBot that don’t just lock up data but delete it, guarding against intrusions like this is crucial to prevent unrecoverable data disasters.

ID Agent to the Rescue: Passly provides extra protection for data by creating fewer, more controlled pathways for access through individual staff Launchpads that allow IT teams to quickly manage permissions and add or remove access anytime, anywhere. LEARN MORE>>

New This Week in Cybersecurity News – Africa

South Africa – Experian

Exploit: Phishing (Impersonation Scheme)

Experian: Credit Rating and Monitoring Firm

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.394 = Extreme
In an audacious impersonation scheme, a hacker convinced staffers at Experian that they were a client who should be allowed to access consumer data to create insurance and credit-related marketing leads, enabling them to obtain information about 24 million citizens and 794,000 businesses. The hacker has been apprehended and the devices used confiscated. Experian maintains that no financial or sensitive data was compromised, but the incident and the extent of the damage is still being investigated.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 1.591 = Severe
At this time, Experian is not reporting that any sensitive financial or personal data was stolen, but this is an incident that could have long-reaching implications for South African consumers and businesses, and there is no guarantee that PII or financial data wasn’t compromised. Consumers and businesses should use caution in communications around financial topics and be alert for fraud, identity theft or spear phishing attempts

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Handing out information to hackers in a conversation is just as bad as opening an infected email attachment – they’re both phishing, one’s just dressed up differently. Failing to update employee training to raise awareness of phishing dangers that go beyond suspicious email attachments (especially now that messaging and SMS are popular formats for phishing attacks) opens companies up to diasters like this one.

ID Agent to the Rescue: Guard against phishing by training staffers to stay alert for all kinds of phishing attempts from impersonation schemes to malicious PDFs with BullPhish ID. We update our plug-and-play training kits and videos monthly to assure that training stays up-to-date. LEARN MORE>>

New This Week in Cybersecurity News – Australia & New Zealand

Australia – Canva

Exploit: Unauthorized Systems Access

Canva – Digital Design Platform

Severity Meter

Risk to Business: 1.667 = Severe
Digital design powerhouse Canva found itself in hot water this week as hackers accessed the platform and used it to facilitate spear phishing attacks. Canva unwittingly provided phishing campaigns with graphics that then made the threat actors’ attacks appear more legitimate to facilitate pilfering credentials through social engineering trickery. The problem was first noted in February but has accelerated since. The hack may be related to a significant May 2019 data breach that Canva has not confirmed but was widely reported.

Severity Meter

Individual Risk: 2.776 = Moderate
At this time, Experian is not reporting that any sensitive financial or personal data was stolen, but this is an incident that could have long-reaching implications for South African consumers and businesses, and there is no guarantee that PII or financial data wasn’t compromised. Consumers and businesses should use caution in communications around financial topics and be alert for fraud, identity theft or spear phishing attempts

Customers Impacted: Unknown

How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Information that is stolen in a breach can end up on the Dark Web and reverberate for years. That data can be used in many ways by cybercriminals to capitalize on the results of cybercrime in phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and more.

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The Week in Breach Risk Levels

1 – 1.5 = Extreme Risk
1.51 – 2.49 = Severe Risk
2.5 – 3 = Moderate Risk

Risk scores for The Week in Breach are calculated using a formula that considers a wide range of factors related to the assessed breach.

New This Week in Cybersecurity News

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New This Week in Cybersecurity News: Insider Threats Prove More Dangerous Than Ever

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New This Week in Cybersecurity News – Week in Breach Danger Spotlight

Healthcare Breaches Climb As Attackers Branch Out

When we think about a healthcare data breach, we’re often thinking about someone stealing payment information or PII from a healthcare facility. But that’s not all hackers are looking for anymore, and they’re ranging far outside the usual setting to find the information that they want – leading to a huge cybersecurity headache for healthcare organizations.

Just last week, hackers launched ransomware attacks against a device manufacturer and several healthcare providers, and they weren’t just targeting patient information – they were also looking for treatment and testing data related to COVID-19, a hot commodity on the Dark Web.


Recently, hackers were able to secure a $1.14 million ransom from The University of California San Francisco after successfully landing a ransomware attack that encrypted the COVID-19 research data at their medical school, and drug manufacturers like Gilead have also had research data targeted.

Healthcare breaches have surged since the start of 2020 – Department of Health and Human Services’ HIPAA Breach Reporting Tool website shows 302 major health breaches impacting nearly 8.7 million individuals have occurred so far in 2020. So how can you protect your clients?


Passly – You should add passly to your security stack immediately. The fastest way to add data security is to add multifactor authentication for employees to access it, preventing stolen and recycled passwords from giving cybercriminals an easy way in with credential stuffing or social engineering.

BullPhish ID – Security awareness training is an essential, especially phishing resistance training. Cybercriminals continue to evolve their methodology, and staffers need to be ready to spot and stop phishing attacks. Consistent, updated training will encourage that.


This threat picture is only expanding, and as the pandemic continues, the pressure on healthcare-related organizations will grow. Review security and training, because this situation will only grow darker in the days ahead.

Watch this 10-minute technical demonstration video of our digital risk protection platform including Graphus, Dark Web ID, BullPhish ID, and Passly.

New this week in cybersecurity news: A note for our customers:

The Stakes Are Rising As Breach Penalties Expand

The former CSO of Uber was charged with obstruction of justice and misprision of a felony this week for his role in an alleged coverup of the notorious 2016 data breach which impacted an estimated 57 million individuals. What does that mean for companies that suffer a breach now, and what can you do to reduce your breach risk?

Breach penalties have been steadily increasing worldwide as regulators and lawmakers respond to public pressure to hold executives and companies to account that play fast and loose with data protection or attempt to cover up incidents. and the penalties aren’t just monetary – legal implications for executives and companies are becoming more common, especially if companies are uncooperative in investigations.

So what can you do right now to prevent a costly data breach? Add a secure identity and access management solution. A solution like Passly that combines multifactor authentication, secure shared password vaults, single sign-on, and simple remote management increases your company’s compliance with data safety best practices and protocols while also protecting your systems from cybercrime.

Adding better protection against hackers is essential for protecting not only your data, but it’s also essential for protecting your business. Between the exorbitant cost of recovery and the regulatory nightmares that can follow a senstive data breach, investing in a secure identity and access management solution now to guard your company data is a small price to pay for greater peace of mind.



COVID-19 changed everything – including the Dark Web. Take a look at the booming Dark Web markets and how new cybercriminal threats can impact your business.

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