The Global Year In Breach 2021

by Wally Moore

on April 20, 2021

in Data Breach

Breach Records

Part One 

The Week In Breach

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Video Transcript

Each week in “The Week in Breach,” here at DTS InfoTech (partnering with ID Agent), we publish the top threats of the Dark Web. This post reviews 2020 and the top breach trends.

Education and Research is the clear winner for the industry, hit hardest in 2020.

Weeks at the Top of the Chart:

  • Education and Research - 24
  • Media & Entertainment - 7
  • Finance & Insurance - 6
  • High Tech & IT - 5
  • Medical & Healthcare - 3
  • Manufacturing - 2
  • Hospitality - 2
  • Aerospace & Defense - 1
  • Service Provider - 1
  • Sales & Retail - 1

Here are three insights into the types of phishing messages that employees found tempting in 2020:

One - Phishing Was the King of Risks in 2020, and Will Continue in 2021.

Two - What Phishing Lures Are Employees Most Likely to Fall For?

Employees are most likely to interact with seemingly routine permissions messages.

Top ID Agent Phishing Simulation Campaigns That Successfully Drew Employee Interaction

  • Fraud Warning: Suspicious Login Detected – 11,027 clicked
  • An Unusual Google Chrome Sign-In Detected – 7,557 clicked
  • Email Quarantine Request for Suspicious Activity – 5,978 clicked

Top ID Agent Phishing Simulation Campaigns That Captured Credentials and Data

  • Fraud Warning: Suspicious Login Detected – 1,827 captures
  • An Unusual Google Chrome Sign-In Detected – 1,594 captures
  • COVID-19 Mandatory Seminar – 846 captures 

Three - What Training Courses Are Organizations Using the Most?

Phishing! Industry observers raised the alarm as the COVID-19 pandemic spawned a work-from-home remote workforce.

Cybersecurity professionals chose phishing resistance courses as their top priority in 2020.

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