The Complete Cyber Security Guide: Part 1

by Wally Moore

on July 17, 2018

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“It’s not a case of if you get hit but when... “

The Complete Cyber Security Guide: Part 1 speaks to those words and they have been spoken by security expert after security expert! So what can you do to protect your business as best as you can and ensure that when your time comes you’re not left out in the cold? We have come up with the 10 top tips to help you guide your business through the storm of any cyber-attack that comes your way! So what are we covering? Well there really is only one place to start!

Education, Education, Education!

The Obvious One: Education

Education is one of the best forms of preventing a cyber-attack. With better training, victims are less likely to leave doors open and fall for the simple attacks. What do we mean by simple attacks? Well, these are the low-level attacks such as phishing emails, plugging in unknown USB drives and opening emails from unknown sources. Even just educating employees and yourself about these issues can make a huge impact to your company’s cyber security strength. In fact, in Datto’s 2017 Ransomware Survey it showed that IT Service providers believe that the “lack of cyber security training” was the #1 cause of Ransomware infection in their clients. So what can you do about this? Well firstly, you’re reading this so it’s a great first step! However, in the great words of Yoda, “Much to learn, you still have”.

Users are the weakest link

Have you ever thought about how much damage one person can do to a company at the touch of a button? It’s time to start thinking. Aside from uneducated employees, human error is rapidly becoming a huge problem for businesses. In some cases, malicious deletion from an existing or ex-member of staff can cause a company to go into meltdown.

User Error

Everyone makes mistakes, its part of what makes us human. We’re sure that you heard “I’ve just deleted a file; can you help?”  or in more serious cases, you might hear “I opened an email attachment and my computer’s gone funny and is now asking me to pay, what should I do?”  Now at this point you are beyond doing a simple file restore and now need to do a full system restore. So it’s backup to the rescue! Always ensure that you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.

Malicious Deletions

In some cases, it’s not just an accident. We have all heard the stories about an old employee hacking into the system even after leaving the company, or deleting important files on their way out the door. This is why you need to ensure that when somebody leaves, you remove their access immediately, as this will help to eliminate any threats to the business.

Human error will never stop completely

However, with education, proper password protocol, and most importantly only giving access to those who need it, you will limit the damage it can cause. When all else fails, ensure that you have regular backups that you can recover from quickly.

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