Slow PC

by Wally Moore

on October 27, 2020

in Slow PC

A short video on upgrading a slow pc.

Informative, helpful, and worth two-minutes of your time.

Not into videos and you would rather read? Here you go:

A certified public accountant owns a busy accounting firm and is having speed issues with an older computer. Daily, her computer is getting slower.

A slow computer is the last thing she needs.

She’s successful and can’t accept technology problems. For this busy CPA, a slow computer is an emotional problem of the worst kind.

She calls her IT Services company.

The technician remote controls her computer and tells her the hard drive in the computer is the cause. But the slowness is not caused by the hard drive being full.

She asked him, “So, how do we fix this?”  And then she suggested some ideas.

He listened and then explained her options:

  • Move data off of the hard drive. Removing data was her first suggestion. But he informed her that the amount of data was not the issue. The issue was the age and type of hard drive on her computer.
  • Get a new computer. This was her second suggestion. But he told her a new computer would take time to order and receive and hours of labor to install and get everything set up. Yes, a new computer would resolve the issue. But she was swamped and would have to deal with the problem for at least another week.
  • Upgrade her problem computer hard drive with a new SSD drive.
    crucial ssdThe technician suggested a solution she hadn’t considered. He said, “Yes, your computer is older, but this option would breathe new life into your aging PC, eliminating the slow speed issue.”
  • He would come to her office, swap out the old hard drive with the new SSD drive, quickly resolving the issue. Plus, the service is much less expensive than the cost of a new computer.

Her decision? Option #3 - upgrade her computer to a new SSD drive. Why?

  • By using the latest SSD technology, the computer would run faster than it did when new
  • Her monthly IT Support service plan included all labor so that the only cost would be the new SSD drive
  • Best of all, the technician could be there as soon as the same day to resolve the issue
  • That’s what IT Services do, relieve stress

Thanks for watching!

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