Ransomware Final Lesson

by Wally Moore

on April 6, 2021


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This is our eighth and final post in this series on Ransomware.

Our conclusion.

Ransomware is a significant cybersecurity danger and will continue to be a danger in the years to come.

Ransomware attacks are only growing more frequent and more sophisticated. From state-based international bad actors to hacking gangs, every cybercriminal out to cause trouble has ample access to ransomware programs. It's easy to use, incredibly disruptive, and it can score a big payday. Maybe at your expense.

Every company must take this threat seriously and put strong protections to avoid falling victim to a ransomware attack. But Ransomware is not a problem without solutions.

Solutions through increased security awareness training, improved data security, and reliable threat intelligence, companies can guard their data and systems against Ransomware effectively and efficiently without breaking the bank.

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