Ransomware? Business owners never, EVER, pay ransomware!

Ransomware?! Yep. If you Google “ransomware”, a cyber-attack on your business in which hackers commandeer a company’s data until a ransom is paid, the resulting headlines and statistics will all point to the same conclusion: this malware has become the most prominent, global threat to business cybersecurity today.

Paying a ransom is just crazy

Here at DTS InfoTech, whenever we read stories about successful ransomware attacks, it drives us crazy. Why? Because it is so unnecessary! Technology available today, from our partner, datto, is very affordable for small businesses and it will keep your data safe from ransomware attackers.

As data is the nucleus of today’s businesses, ransomware has the potential to take out even the most stable businesses in a matter of minutes. While a growing number of companies are leveraging the recommended solutions for protection, such as backup and disaster recovery technologies and anti-virus software, many are not. The latter group includes a large number of small businesses who typically operate without a dedicated in-house IT expert and from antiquated systems. These businesses rely just as heavily on data as bigger organizations, yet they often operate without the proper data protections in place to defend against, prepare for, and recover from ransomware.

This blog post is not intended to be an explanation of what ransomware is. If you want an in-depth explanation about ransomware, please click here for a good primer on the subject. Simply stated ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer, your computer, or a network of computers, the computers at your business, until a sum of money is paid.
In other words, a successful attack on your company will render your computers useless until you pay a ransom.

Final takeaways

• Ransomware attacks have become a common, growing occurrence for small businesses around the world. According to IT service providers, like DTS InfoTech, the majority of end users are not as concerned as they should be, making them even more vulnerable to an infection.
• While typical ransom requested will not break the bank, the cost of downtime and data loss that typically follows an attack is what cuts the deepest.
• Today’s leading security solutions are no match for today’s ransomware, including anti-virus software and email filters. The most effective means for business protection from ransomware is a backup and disaster (BDR) solution.
• Malicious emails coupled with a general lack of employee cybersecurity training is the leading cause of a successful ransomware attack. Today’s businesses must provide regular cybersecurity training to ensure all employees are able to spot and avoid a potential phishing scam in their inbox, a leading entrance point for the malware.


As we stated earlier, it is not necessary to pay attackers for access to your company data. If you think that way, you are thinking crazy thoughts. Affordable, excellent technology is available that will protect your company from a ransomware attack.

If you will contact DTS InfoTech, we can explain the process over the phone on how to protect your company against ransomware attacks. The call is free. We are not salesman, so nobody will try to sell you. After we spend just a few minutes with you and answer your questions, you can decide if you would like to take advantage of our service.

DTS InfoTech Can Help

Most small businesses do not have the technical resources to manage their own data. If this describes you, we can help! If you would like more information please give us a call, we’re always happy to chat and the call is free.

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