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If you ask most IT professionals what threat keeps them up at night, the majority will quickly say "ransomware."

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This increasingly popular cyberattack can deal a body blow to any business. From the business disruption to the recovery process, Ransomware is a nightmare.

To figure out the best way to protect your systems and data from bad actors using Ransomware, it's important to understand why it's a big deal and how it infects your systems in order to figure out how you can fight back and keep it from damaging your business.

First, take a look at the facts about Ransomware that you need to read to get up to speed, because it's one cybersecurity test that you don't want to fail.

What is a Ransomware Attack Lifecycle?  

While other methods of infection exist, Ransomware usually starts as an email, carefully designed to trick the target into interacting with it. Once that target swallows the bait by downloading a file or clicking a link to a website, it infects your systems and starts doing its nasty work.

Here's the typical lifecycle of a ransomware attack:

  • Cybercriminals decide to target your company and plan to take your data and systems hostage
  • They use information gathered from many sources (including the Dark Web) to carefully craft a phishing email that will be especially appealing to your staff
  • The email makes it past your security and lands in your employees' inboxes
  • One of your employees takes the bait, opens the email, and interacts with it by visiting a poisoned website or downloading a tainted attachment
  • The malicious payload infects that computer with a ransomware client that takes control of it
  • The infected computer then establishes a connection with the cybercriminals' network to begin freezing your systems or encrypting your data
  • The cybercriminals contact you offering the encryption key that unlocks your systems and data – for a price, payable in cryptocurrency
  • You have two choices: Pay the ransom or restore your data and systems in another way

DTS InfoTech Can Help

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