Not All Business Continuity Solutions Are Created Equal

by Wally Moore

on May 9, 2017

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For years, you’ve been hearing about the importance of data backup. You hear about it on radio commercials and on the sidebars of oh so many websites, “just make sure to backup your data and everything will be great!


Well that’s bull%^&*. Okay, maybe not total bull%^&*, but it’s certainly not the whole truth. The truth is data backup alone is not enough. For one thing, you have much more data than you used to. Most likely the data that you have is also much more important than it used to be, and because viruses, disasters and system failures are always looming, the risk of losing your data has never been higher.

Business Continuity Solution

What you need is a business continuity solution. That means you need a backup solution that is useable, non-corrupted and virus-free. It means when disaster occurs (and someday one will) you’ll be back up and running in no time with all of your data in tack.

Not All Business Continuity Solutions Are Created Equal

But here’s the good news: as long as you kick the tires a bit and have a look under the hood, a great business continuity plan is well within reach.

Here are the things you should look for:

Image based backups

For one, make sure your data backups will be image-based. While file-backups handle file and folder backups slowly and one at a time, image based backups take a picture of entire machines. Image-based backups happen so quickly and seamlessly, users won’t even notice, and restores are blazing fast, taking seconds to restore, not hours, or days.

Backups stored locally and in the cloud

Next, make sure your backups will be stored both locally and securely in the cloud. That way you can conveniently pull backups from an onsite device. But let’s say your office gets flooded; there go your local backups. If that happens, having your applications, files and systems in the cloud can save you and your business. Some systems let you virtually open and use your backup directly over the cloud.

Reliable backups

For peace of mind, you’ll want to know your backup is tested for validity. A great business continuity solution examines each backup automatically to make sure everything checks out. Some solutions even send screen-shots of your backups via email so you can verify at a glance that all is well.


Finally, you’ll want to make sure you can easily upgrade as your business grows. Don’t get stuck with an expensive upgrade that requires you to lose all of your backups and you have to start over.

How are you doing?

So ask your Managed Service Provider if their backup solution ticks all of these boxes. If they don’t you should definitely move on to one that does. Backup solutions from DTS InfoTech check all of those boxes!

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