by Wally Moore

on April 20, 2020

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Find out how to defend your business against a Ransomware Attack

  • This video is short, 3:03 minutes in length
  • This video is an actual chronology of a Ransomware Attack
  • This video messaging is basic with no hype
  • This video accurately describes a real-life Ransomware Attack
  • This video mantra is NO MORE RANSOM*
    *SEO scores are higher when NO MORE RANSOM is spelled NOMORERANSOM. So, we spelled it that way!

This video gives you four simple, actionable steps to successfully defend your business against a Ransomware Attack.

Taking these four steps guarantees your business will successfully protect itself against hackers who want to steal your data so that they can sell it – ransom – it back to you for money. Perhaps, several thousand dollars, or more.

The video is intentionally short because we know you’re busy. Everyone is busy.

This video is fundamental - not technical in any way – using plain English, making it easy to understand a Ransomware Attack if you’re not up on this topic. Nobody wants to be up on ransomware, but sadly, everyone should be.

If you don’t educate yourself about Ransomware Attacks, chances are you’ll be sorry.

DTS InfoTech can help.

DTS InfoTech is a hard-working Trusted Advisor for any business that has questions about computers, computer networks, and technology. One way to earn the title of Trusted Advisor is to provide FREE practical education in the technology field for visitors to our website.

We’re are IT, Service professionals. Unfortunately, a growing part of our service is protecting companies against Ransomware attacks.

Most small businesses do not have the expertise, tech-savvy, or time to understand all Ransomware issues. If this describes you, we can help.

If you would like more information about how to defend your business against Ransomware, please give us a call, we’re always happy to chat, and the call is FREE! Calls are still free.

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