Networks: IT consultants manage your network and make you successful

My introduction to computers and networks began when the owner of the company I was working for told me I was the new network guy. He said he had over looked how important computers would become as our company grew. My response was, “I’ve never even turned a computer on, let alone manage a network. Are you sure about this?” He said, “Yep, you’re a good manager. I know you’ll do a good job!” Reluctantly, I assumed the responsibility of a network with 1 Novell server, 12 workstations, 1 fax machine, 3 printers and the telephone system. I had no idea how any of it worked!

If your experience with computers and networks matches or resembles mine, we have much in common. I feel your pain and I can help you. I know exactly what it’s like when a large client calls to say, “I sent you that info yesterday. You didn’t get it?” And sheepishly you say, “No, we crashed yesterday and we don’t have a back up, can you resend it?” Or when accounting comes to you because they can’t print out invoices and one of my personal favorites, you have to do payroll . . . but you can’t find the data on when hourly employees punched in and out. I’ve experienced all of that and more.

Does this sound familiar? You don’t have to live like this . . . really!

They best decision I made was to hire an IT consulting company that specialized in managing networks. Working together as a team, i.e. myself, who knew nothing about computers and the IT consulting company, they knew everything about networks, but nothing about our company. Together we transformed an outdated and unreliable network into one that was reliable, quiet and very cost effective.

How did we do that? That’s simple. We took the time to sit down and listen to the department heads, and we asked them a simple question. “What is it that you need us (the IT Department) to do so that you can be successful?” They all knew the answer. Then we researched the solution to their problems and met with them a second time. After that we knew exactly what to do, how to do it, what hardware and software we needed, how much it would cost and how long it would it take. Then the head of each of the departments went to the owner and got approval for their projects. Sounds pretty simple huh?

Managing a network is simple. I just listened to my coworkers (the department heads) about the problems and challenges they had. Then I listened to my IT consultant on how to fix the problems. Then we just applied sound management practices. We reduced it down to a simple strategy: make a plan and work the plan. We we’re always successful and we can do the same for you.

Is your network unreliable, or outdated? What do you need it to do so that you’re successful? Are you feeling overwhelmed like I did because you’re not a computer technician? If that’s similar to your experience, give me a call. We’ll schedule a time to come over to your office, sit down and listen to you. Then we’ll look at your network so we can advise you on a plan to make it work. Together we’ll make a plan. Then we’ll work the plan to make you successful. It’s pretty simple.

There is no charge for us to review your network and give you a written proposal. We’re not salesman, so there is zero pressure. And if you decide not to work with us, at the least you’ll learn a lot about your network and you’ll be glad you met us. We promise, because we’re the good guys!

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