IT Services – An advocate for you and your business

by Wally Moore

on June 4, 2019

 An advocate? Are you serious? IT Services as advocacy for me and my business? Are you sure that’s the right word to use?

Yep! Positively the right word to use.

I know you weren’t expecting that term, but it's accurate. Please hang here with me for a few minutes, and I will try to explain it.

First, let’s define advocacy

Advocacy, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal, the act or process of advocating.

I think the most common use of this word is relative to well-known causes like abortion, gay rights, clean water, the spotted owl, or whatever. Certainly, something more newsworthy than say, gulp, IT Services?

IT Services as advocacy?

Yep! Defining it is a good place to start in this blog post on IT Services - An advocate for you and your business.


IT Services, in their purest form, support businesses with all of their technology needs.

The word support is used in the Merriam-Webster definition of advocacy.

But support alone does not do justice to the service provided by professional IT Service companies

A more accurate and descriptive use of the word support would be to say, “What are IT Services? To which we would respond by saying, “Business owners never have to worry about technology for their business. Ever!”  That’s a better way to say it.

So, IT Services = advocacy = technical support for owners = no worries about their technology, ever

There, that’s more like it.

But still not much more than a talking point, or an elevator pitch in response to a question like, “So what do you do for a living?”

All that said, to explain it and make my point, let me share three true stories we have experienced with our customers over many years in the IT Services industry.

Stories? Why stories you ask? Because stories stick! People remember stories.

True stories about IT Services convey the heart of advocacy we have for our customers

All with the hope that if you’re unsure about the necessity of hiring an IT Services company to help you with the technology for your business, these three short stories will help you. It doesn’t matter if you decide to hire an IT Services company or not.

I’m not here to sell you anything

This post is posted on the Learning Center page of our website to help business owners with real questions about all-things-technology for their business. It’s education, not a sales pitch.

First story

Our first story takes place at a medical practice here in the Portland Metro Area.

Our company, DTS InfoTech, was referred to this medical practice because the IT person they had taking care of their network was not doing the same old good job as usual. Frequent computer and technology issues popped up more than they used to and went unresolved.

Additionally, the owners and staff of the practice had asked the IT person about new hardware and software they were interested in, but the IT person didn’t hear them. He seemed stuck.

On our first visit there, we performed a network evaluation, which is a health check on all the technology in their office. Then we met with them a few days later to submit our written network evaluation to the owner of the practice and his Office Manager.

Our findings indicated the network was in okay shape, a bit outdated, but not too bad

The glaring problem we found was their data backup, and restoration hardware and software were not up to modern networking standards such as Datto. Their problem was a biggie as you’ll see.

When our technician explained to them that if they suffered the loss of data or a complete server crash, it could take as much as three to five days in downtime to restore their computer systems to pre-crash levels.

No computer access for several days in medical practice could be catastrophic to their patients and the reputation of their medical practice.

The medical practice was not aware of this problem in backing up their data

Our Network Evaluation included a proposal to upgrade their data backup restoration hardware and software to modern networking standards. They accepted the proposal and hired DTS InfoTech to provide IT Services to their medical practice.

Job one was to upgrade data backup and restoration.

Fast forward about two years

One day, a couple of years later, our monitoring system alerted our technicians (after hours) that the main server of their medical practice had crashed. Without that server, their medical practice would be without computers. A crashed server is considered a business down emergency, and our technician responded immediately.

Using the data backup restoration hardware and software technology we installed for them, our technician was able to restore that server to full-service within forty-five minutes.

That’s fast!

When our technician called the Office Manager the next morning to tell her about the crash, she was surprised.

She did mention that the computers seemed to be a little bit slower than usual, but other than that, their technology was working fine. Our tech told her that their server was rebuilding itself after the crash while performing its normal job at the same time and that it would speed up after it had refinished rebuilding itself.

Restoration of technology is advocacy in action in the best way possible — a true success story when one was needed the most.

Second story

Our second story is almost the exact opposite of the first story you just read.

This story is about trying to save a customer a LOT of money on technology he did not need. Trying to save customers money on stuff they don’t need is also advocacy; for them on their behalf.

This customer, Bill, (not his real name) has been in business a long time. So of course, over the years his computers and technology have gotten older and were showing signs of wear and tear.

Just like cars get old and have to be replaced computers and technology get old too, and suffer the same fate as old cars

Our technicians had kept Bill informed well in advance about his technology getting older. He knew this, but he had been putting it off for as long as he could. Most businesses do the very same thing.

But finally, the day came when it was time to replace his old technology. We had good news for Bill that would save him a lot of money, while at the same time providing the same level of service, he had become accustomed to over the years.

His main piece of hardware that needed replacing was his very old reliable server. Our head technician called him on the phone and talked with him, at length, about the need to replace his server.

But there was good news to offset the seriousness of an expensive server replacement!

Bill could use cloud services. He did not need to purchase a new server. Great news, we thought!

Long, long story made short; Bill wanted a new server. Not cloud services.

He knew how expensive servers are, but he didn’t want to use cloud services. He was adamant and honestly, we couldn’t understand why.

So, we sent another technician over to see Bill

This technician had a long and professional friendship with Bill. We felt he could explain the situation in a way that Bill would accept. We were adamant about him NOT spending money he didn’t have to.

The two of them spent quite a bit of time discussing the pros and cons of servers, cloud services, the safety of his data, etc.

Bill was surprised and simply not aware of how good the newer cloud technologies performed

Cloud technologies are very cost effective.

They do the same job as if you owned the hardware yourself. As Bill’s IT Service provider, our technician assured him that we would still be taking care of all his technology; just like we always had.

Essentially nothing would change in Bill’s computing experience, or the support and service he was used to.

He would save money; thousands of dollars $ $ $

After the second conversation with Bill, our technician felt confident he had put to rest any fear that Bill had about cloud technology.

Please note, IT Service companies make more money selling and installing new servers than cloud services

But true advocacy demands you do the right thing for the right reason even if it costs you money.

We call it integrity

At our company team meeting later that day, we were all in agreement that we had done the right thing and that Bill would probably go with cloud services over buying a new server.

Or so we thought ;)

About a week later, we received a deposit check from Bill, in the mail, for the new server!

We were surprised. I just started laughing when we got the news about the deposit check. But I understand. We are all emotional beings, and I am no different.

Bill was going to have his new server

I remember saying out loud to myself, “Well, okay! Good for Bill. We tried.”

Bill just wasn’t comfortable with cloud services

He appreciated our extra attempt to save him money, but when it came down to it, he had an emotional need to have his own brand-new Dell server in his office just like he always had!

He is still our customer today. We’re thankful for him and his business.

We get it

This last story is about a company who called us because they were referred to us by another one of our long-time customers.

This new company was calling us because their current IT Services company was increasing its monthly service fee from $500.00 a month to $1,500.00 a month. Wow! That’s a lot more money.

Richard, (not his real name either) was our new referral who called us. He was shocked at the amount of the increase their current IT Services company wanted to charge him.

We asked Richard, “Have you added a bunch of new equipment recently?” He said, “No. Not one.”

We asked him that because the cost for IT Services is dependent on the number and type of devices we have to service.

Typically, as the number of devices goes up – the network is growing and becoming more complex – the price goes up accordingly. Customers understand this.

What Richard didn’t understand is why the price would go up by 300% when they had added no new devices. Honestly, we didn’t understand it either. We still don’t understand it.

Another long story made short

After talking with Richard, we proposed a better solution for his business. It would require less hardware, and his monthly service fee would go down a bit! You don’t hear that one very much, but it’s a true story.

We could have just matched the $500.00 price and won the business. Richard would never have known that. But we would know what we had done, and we don’t gouge customers.

We treat others the way we would treat ourselves

So, we quoted Richard standard pricing for our services, and he is happy. So are we! It’s good business. An agreement in which both companies are happy.

So, there you have three true stories of “IT Services – An advocate for you and your business” Truly, this is advocacy in action

Can you see how advocacy benefits businesses who don’t have their own IT person on staff? I hope so.

If you own a business and your attitude is, “When something breaks, I’ll just call our IT person, and they’ll come to fix it” you’re missing an opportunity, and you’re almost certainly losing money. IT Services are a much better way to go, and that way is also more profitable for you, with less worry for you. For more information, you should read our article on What are IT Services?

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On the other hand, most small businesses do not have the expertise, technical resources, or time to understand all this technology stuff. If this describes you, we can help.

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Wally Moore

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