Give Small Business What It Needs Part 2

by Wally Moore

on September 21, 2018

in blog, Small Business

Give Small Business What It Needs, Part 2, is our second post of two posts, on how to protect your business should a data-erasing event visit you. Those events visit all businesses in the form of hard working employees who make mistakes, up to inadvertently launching a Ransomware attack by clicking a malicious link. These posts will teach you why only backing up your data is not good enough. In this post, we pick up where we left off on step number three, “Unsurpassed Support.”

3. Unsurpassed Support

This is incredibly important for the small business category without having an internal IT support staff. They need to have 100 percent confidence in their MSP.
To ensure maximum level of support, small business owners must work with a vendor who invests in their Tech Support team, and makes Support a priority for their business.

A few questions to ask a vendor are:

Question: What percentage of your full-time staff is in Tech Support?
Answer: A minimum of 25% of a vendor’s full-time staff should be with Tech Support. Datto exceeds that with 30%. And never work with a vendor that outsources its Tech Support—your time and reputation are on the line. Did you know 50% of the team at DTS InfoTech is comprised of Tech Support?

Question: Where is your Tech Support team located?
Answer: Quite simply, Tech Support should be located where you are. If you are a North America-based business, it’s to your benefit to have your vendor’s Tech Support also based in North America. Just like Datto. In fact, Datto Tech Support is located in the same building, and same floor, as Cloud Ops, Dev Ops and R&D.

Question: Do you invest in your Tech Support team?
Answer: Heavily. Tech Support development and education should be an ongoing process. Datto Tech Support team members get CompTIA certified.

Question: What are your hours for Tech Support?
Answer: If Tech Support is not 24/7/365 then they may not be there when you need them at 2am. DTS InfoTech Support and Datto Tech Support are available LIVE around the clock, every day of every year.

Datto is the proud recipient of the 2013 ASCII award for ‘Best Customer Support’. Given the nature of  their business, dealing with a company’s data lifeline in often-urgent hours, this award is particularly meaningful to Datto. It exemplifies the commitment Datto has to its Partners, to ensure their customers’ needs are met, and business continuity is guaranteed.

4. Priced for even the Smallest Business

According to IDC, at least 15 percent of SMBs are doing absolutely no data backup. Another 60 percent only back up data on local, on-site storage devices, and who knows how stable their backup is? When was the last time it successfully backed up? Could they restore systems in the event of a disaster?

Traditionally for small businesses to implement a (BDR) solution, they had to purchase expensive equipment locally, spending thousands of dollars in one upfront investment; making a BDR solution very prohibitive for a small business that didn’t have the extra capital to spend. With Datto ALTO 2, MSPs can make the BDR investment much easier for small businesses to manage financially, as
payments can be smaller recurring bills, spread out over months, versus one large upfront cost.

Lack of money and IT resources are the two main reasons for small businesses not taking their BDR/business continuity needs seriously--not to mention less than stellar products that haven’t addressed their specific needs. No doubt, lack of funds, resources, and targeted products also contributed to the “it won’t happen to me” syndrome. Small businesses can no longer put their head in the sand when it comes to BDR. Better yet, they don’t have to. Small businesses can now afford full insurance against costly downtime, thanks to their MSPs offering ALTO 2. Small businesses no longer need to be threatened with the lengthy, revenue-draining downtimes when their systems inevitably fail.

5. Scalable

DTS InfoTech understands that and we offer a solution that will be a small investment for your business, yet offer the value of a much higher priced solution. This speaks to the importance of scalability in the solutions offer. Datto solutions are built to grow with your business, as your data, storage and systems needs evolve.


As a small business owner, are you looking for a hero to take care of all your technology needs? DTS InfoTech is that hero. We offer today’s small businesses a BDR/ business continuity solution that is easy to use, delivers an enterprise level superior feature set, offers 24/7 support, is scalable, and, one you can afford.

Thank you for joining us for this two part series: Give Small Business What It Needs

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