Give Small Business What It Needs Part 1

by Wally Moore

on August 29, 2018

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Give Small Business What It Needs Part 1 is our first post, of two posts, that describe how to protect your business should a data-erasing event visit you. Those events visit all businesses in the form of hard working employees who make mistakes, up to inadvertently launching a Ransomware attack by clicking a malicious link. These posts will teach you why only backing up your data is not good enough. It’s simple -- only five steps!

Five Simple Steps

Give Small Business What It Needs is one of our mottos here at DTS InfoTech. Nevertheless, some Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are doing your small businesses a disservice if they sell you a backup only product. Small businesses (SMB), just like their much larger enterprise counterparts, must have the ability to recover data quickly and keep their business running in the event of a disaster.

Until recently, business continuity options for small businesses have been limited. In April 2013, the first enterprise grade business continuity solution was introduced for small businesses, the Datto ALTO. For the first time, small businesses with local storage needs ranging from 500GB to 1TB had the opportunity to implement a solution that delivered image-based backup with instant full system recovery and Hybrid Virtualization. That wasn’t enough— for Datto and small businesses. Datto ALTO 2 builds on the success of ALTO with a significant increase in performance and reliability.

Growth in the backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity (BC) space will continue to be strong. With nearly 4.5 million small businesses (SMB) in the U.S. alone, this represents a significant market segment. The current market size for SMB in the BDR/BC market is $1.5 billion, with future growth expected to remain robust at 20% per year, over the next five years. SMBs have the same requirements for protecting their data as enterprise level corporations. Now, thanks to Datto, there is technology available for small businesses that provides the same level of protection for small businesses to enjoy robust protection that is affordable. In addition to competitive pricing, there are several other reasons to consider Datto.

1. Easy to Install, Use and Manage
2. Superior Functionality
3. Unsurpassed Support
4. Price is Right
5. Scalable

1. Easy to Install, Use and Manage

A robust product does not always mean a complicated interface. Moreover, don’t assume that because a solution is hybrid in nature, uniting both local and cloud, that it’s more complex. Not only will SMBs benefit from the quick installation and management of the ALTO 2 solution, but they will feel comfortable that they can manage it too. Datto intentionally designed an easy to use interface for the benefit of both the business user and MSP. The Datto ALTO 2 interface reduces setup, configuration, and maintenance time, which in turn reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for the business owner.

Management of a business continuity solution should include a visual confirmation of backups. With automated backup testing and Screenshot Backup Verification, the MSP, and client if so requested, will receive an email showing a picture of the actual image-based backup. The ALTO 2 spins up as a virtual machine (VM), takes a screen capture of the actual VM login page to prove that the backup works, and will be there when needed.

2. Superior Functionality

Not all small business BDR/business continuity solutions are created equal. When creating a solution specifically for the small business market Datto did deep analysis on exactly what the needs are from a speeds and feeds side. The most shocking part of this investigation was that the solution required was just about as comprehensive as an enterprise company would require. This resulted in the need to develop a full continuity solution on a much lower price point. Below is a list of product features that deliver a price efficient robust continuity solution.

Follow this checklist as you evaluate solutions for your business:

Local Hardware - New CPU that runs two times as fast and a new                  motherboard that offers cooler operating temperatures and more reliability

Off-Site Virtualization - Full business failover with the ability to recreate networks and connect remote users

Hybrid Virtualization - Local virtualization feel using the resources of the cloud. Unique to Datto

Screenshot Backup Verification - Necessary to prove legitimate backup has occurred. Unique to Datto

Inverse Chain Technology - Nondependent backups that are more efficient and functional than traditional backup chains. Unique to Datto

USB 3.0 Ports - Faster drive seeding

Dual Network Ports - Bonded performance enhancement and redundancy

END of Part 1

Thank you for joining us for this two part series on Give Small Business What It Needs Part 1.

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