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by Wally Moore

on July 9, 2019

in File Sync and Share

File Sync and Share. Have you heard this term?

We’re using the medium of story-telling to explain what File Sync and Share is. We’ll also explain the benefits of using a File Sync and Share solution to real-world problems all businesses face when creating and keeping track of the documents you create.

Why tell a story? Because stories stick!

We all remember stories, especially good ones.

We’re also telling it with the hope that someone will relate to it, even if they have no experience using a File Sync and Share program.

A story based upon true events

The following fictitious story is inspired by true events that happen every day around the world for companies using File Sync & Share (FSS) technology.

So, on with the story

Can you imagine a day at the office like the following? If you’re like me, you can!

Your Vice President of Sales and Marketing is flying overseas to present a proposal on your latest product and service to your biggest client who requested the proposal. This proposal is a big deal for you.

But the presentation isn’t quite ready

Your presentation was ready; finished after a ton of work and overtime by your whole team. It was a done deal.

Then, some changes were made at the last minute by your Accounting Department regarding the actual price of your product and your service.

Who knew you weren’t charging enough? Accounting knew!

These pricing changes could not be overlooked or talked about later. Your company was out of time.

This presentation had been scheduled weeks in advance. As a team, there was no more time to massage your presentation to get your facts straight.

Your presentation was the last time your customer would accept presentations and proposals before they decided on which company they would hire for this project.

A big profitable project

Your presentation had to be bulletproof, mistake-free, and convince your customer that your company was the only company they could trust with this project.

Your solution was perfect.

Your Sales and Marketing team just had to present it.

This presentation would clinch the deal with your client.

It had to be perfect.

But those changes to the presentation, added at the very last minute by the Accounting Department, were not part of the presentation the Vice President of Sales and Marketing had downloaded to his laptop before he left for the airport.

A real problem is happening all the time. But not to worry

Using an FSS solution (if you had one) your VP of Sales and Marketing – or anyone else on the team with access to the FSS program - could edit the document and add those Accounting changes to the presentation.

In this story, it’s the VP. He edits the revisions to the document from his laptop on the flight over to see your customer.

After he’s finished with the edits, all he has to do is connect his notebook to the Internet, and the changes made will automatically update the synchronized copy on every team member’s system. The revised document is sent securely over the internet to the FSS program's home in the cloud.

After that, every member of the team has instant access to the revised document.

Your team here in the USA can review the changes he made and collaborate to make any final tweaks to the presentation. If they make any additional changes, the updated document will immediately appear on the VP’s notebook. With an FSS solution, it’s easy to make last minute changes and keep track of all changes made to the document.

Just in the Nick of Time

The presentation was completed on time - by your whole team - and the VP walks into the meeting the next morning with the latest up to the minute presentation. He is confident in what your company is proposing, and it’s at the right price.

He is confident in the presentation because all needed changes are complete. The document if now truly accurate. And the project is now truly profitable.

He knows that he can deliver the presentation without any mistakes

This story’s happy ending was made possible in part by a File Sync and Share solution. One that allows businesses to collaborate in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.

Do you have this ability at your business?

Back in the day, when teams worked on documents together, someone on the team had to keep track of the correct version. Keeping track of changes was never easy.

Manually keeping track of document versions is never easy

Each team member would add information to the document and hopefully save their changes.

However, other members on the team did not know about the changes. How would they know? Or, even the current version. It happens all the time. It does!

A team member gets a call from another member on the team who asks, “Hey, what’s the latest version we’re working on?” You might have answered with something like, “Uh, I think we’re on version three, but, uh, I don’t know. You should ask Dennis in Accounting. That department was making most of the changes the last time I heard. But there may be more changes. I wouldn’t know.”

Back in the day, sometimes, changes were not saved

Eventually, someone would usually report that the latest version they had did NOT show the change. They were all confused, and now they had lost all confidence in the accuracy of this document.

A real problem. Does that sound familiar to you?

Using that story as context lets chat about the nuts and bolts of a File Sync and Share program.

What an FSS program does behind the scenes sounds boring to some, until you imagine the real-world applications of how good FSS is and why you should consider one if you create documents at your business.

First a definition

File sync-and-share (FSS) is a service that allows your business to save files in the cloud or on-premises storage and then access them from your desktop, or laptop and mobile devices.

But it’s much more than just that. Business is all about data

Data is the life-blood of your business. You need secure access to your data at any time from anywhere on planet earth. No data = no business.

If you’re not using FSS and you have no experience with it, it’s not an exaggeration to say, a file sync and share solution for your business will revolutionize how you collaborate and create data, access data, keep track of changes and share the data. It truly is an amazing tool. A game changer if you will.

So, here’s four questions for you:

  1. Do you create documents at your business? Most businesses do.
  2. Do you collaborate with other employees in your company creating documents? Most do.
  3. Do you want those documents to be secure and safe? Most folks do.
  4. Do you have the ability to edit your data and collaborate on it from your mobile phone or your laptop in the next town or half a world away? Most businesses do not.

We assume you feel the same

But if you lost access to your business documents, right now, as you’re reading this article, could you restore them from backup, quickly? Quickly as in less than one hour? Most businesses can’t! Even though the technology is readily available and very affordable.

Your business must be able to restore data quickly.

Some File Sync and Share solutions were designed and built for home users

We’re not going to name names of vendors who supply home-based File Sync and Share solutions. Denigrating a product is not our style or the purpose of this article. FSS programs designed for home use are the ones that are NOT suitable for business use. Buyer beware!

All businesses need an enterprise-grade File Sync & Share solution designed and built for business.

Why? Safe and secure documents!

Here are three more questions to ask yourself:

  1. How safe is the data at your company? Do you know? Have you tested it?
  2. Are you vulnerable to a Ransomware attack? In other words, will you have to pay them a ransom to get your data back, or could you defend your business – quickly – and successfully from a Ransomware attack?
  3. If a fire or flood destroyed your physical location, are you able to conduct business at another location; quickly? And would you have complete and total access to all of the data your company has created at that new location?

Again, how safe is the data at your company? Do you know? Have you tested it?

If you answered yes to any of those questions (most companies do answer yes), then you should consider a File Sync and Share solution for your business. But not one designed for home use.

A File Sync and Share solution is a game changer for employees who access and create documents. It’s tried and true, convenient, safe, secure, and very affordable. Ah, affordability! Saving money and time is very important, we think.

Without getting into too much detail, the following check-marks will introduce you to the features and benefits of using FSS at your business

Remember - this is very important - a professional File Sync & Share solution is designed and built for business.

File Sync and Share (FSS) tools allow users to:

  • securely share documents, photos, videos and more internally among their team members.
  • securely share documents, photos, videos and more externally to customers, vendors, external collaborators or partners
  • share documents across multiple devices
  • share documents among multiple people
  • use file synchronization, or copying
  • store files in an approved and secure data repository
  • access data remotely by employees from PCs, tablets or smartphones, anywhere on earth

File-sharing tools for:

  • businesses that need file sync and share capabilities to collaborate on data creation and improve content management
  • secure file sharing among employees
  • services including features such as live commenting by the authors
  • document version tracking
  • workflow process management
  • helping users store, edit, review and share files

File Sync and Share protects businesses from downtime by protecting and restoring business data, no matter where the data lives

Your company data will always be connected, secure, and instantly restorable at any time with:

  • Protection from ransomware
  • Business continuity solutions for physical and virtual systems
  • High-performance networks with military-grade security
  • Protection of business-critical cloud and local data

Here at DTS InfoTech, we’ve been using File Sync and Share for a few years now. We wonder how we ever got along without it.

We created documents the old-fashioned way (like most businesses do) and saved them and tried to keep track of them. But that was back-in-the-day as they say.

DTS InfoTech Can Help

DTS InfoTech is very good at File Sync and Share. We create documents every single day. Not only for ourselves, but also for our customers. We’ve learned some stuff about how to do it right, and how not to do it.

If you’re interested in a File Sync and Share solution for your business, but you’re not sure of where to look, why don’t you pick up the phone and call us?

We can answer the questions you have. We will help you. Then you can make a decision that is best for you and your business.

Most small businesses do not have the technical resources to understand all this geek stuff. Does this describe your business?

If you would like more information, please give us a call, we’re always happy to chat, and the call is free!

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Dedicated to your success,

Wally Moore

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