Employee Productivity Monitoring

by Wally Moore

on March 8, 2011

in Employee, Monitoring

Employee Monitoring: What employees wish their bosses could see.

Regarding employee monitoring, one of the published goals of the non-profit, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse is to “Raise consumers’ awareness of how technology affects personal privacy.” And according to their Fact Sheet 7: Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring, “Employers want to be sure their employees are doing a good job, but employees don’t want their every sneeze or trip to the water cooler logged. That’s the essential conflict of workplace monitoring.”

As a former network administrator, employee monitoring was the last thing I wanted to spend time doing. The very thought of watching someone is repugnant to me, let alone monitoring them. However, I was paid by a company to administer their network. And it is well documented that small businesses and large corporations are being ripped off every day by poor productivity, improper ethics, stolen documents and potential law suits stemming from employees who engage in this type of behavior.

But time out. Can’t we frame this conversation in a way that has the potential to resolve conflict, and is non-combative yet beneficial to the company and their employees so it’s a win-win situation? Law suits and unethical behavior are serious stuff. Maybe we should include employees at the beginning of this conversation about employee monitoring. Wouldn’t that be better? After all, they’re an indispensable part of any company that wants to produce a high quality product or service. Their help in planning could be very instrumental.

Joan Henshaw says in her article, How To Monitor Employee Performance Against Objectives , “...you can give the type of feedback that employees tell us they want more of, because they find it constructive and motivational, and which improves performance. And of course we know – ‘what get’s measured gets done’ and it’s impossible to measure without monitoring!”

For employee monitoring, dts|infotech recommends Spector 360 from Veriato.

. “A Company-Wide Monitoring and Surveillance Software, it enables you to monitor employee Internet and computer use, analyze trends and patterns, investigate suspicious behavior, search for specific details and report your findings all from the convenience of your desktop. Spector 360 is a scalable, centrally-managed, employee monitoring solution that is easy to deploy and manage over your network for both Windows and Mac OS.”

Observation is an obvious win for companies. But it can also be a win for productive employees, if employee monitoring is used as well to document employees who are always on task, working hard and producing high quality work. More importantly, as far as the employee is concerned, when those documented trends and patterns of productivity are reviewed during their annual review and they are rewarded, productive employees will welcome the observation and documentation that rewards them.

In Employee Monitoring: Part Two, we’ll look at the Spector 360 software in more detail to see how it can be used in a number of ways to protect a company from poor performing employees.

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