DTS LiveSyncIT from DTS InfoTech: Secure File Sync & Share

by Wally Moore

on November 27, 2017

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DTS LiveSyncIT from DTS InfoTech: A Secure File Sync & Share (FSS) Solution for Your Business, Part 1.

This is our first post, of two posts, about this amazing new technology that will revolutionize the ability of your business to collaborate on documents written by all of your employees.

This week we’ll introduce FSS and answer some questions. In the next post, we’ll dive a little deeper into the benefits of this amazing technology.

The contents of these two posts:

  • What is File Sync and Share (FSS)
  • Why you need to look at a secure FSS solution
  • Benefits of enterprise grade FSS, from DTS InfoTech
  • Next steps

What is File Sync and Share (FSS?)

  • Folders and files from a local drive, network device, or server that are synced with the cloud
  • Files accessed from mobile and remote access devices with an internet connection
  • Files shared internally & externally w/granular security & collaboration rules
  • File edits are synched bi-directionally to selected or all access points
  • Acts as a backup solution for data loss prevention

Are you wondering why this is important to your business? If so, here are some basic questions you must be able to answer about your business:

  • Are your internal users deciding what file sync and share (FSS) solution your business uses?
  • Do you know what are they using?
  • Are your confidential files vulnerable to a security breach as a result?
  • Who manages your devices & secures your networks?
  • Who manages & secures access to your files and folders?
  • Do you have an IT policy on storage and file sharing?
  • Who is protecting your business from your employees “just trying to get their job done” and external threats?

If you answered, “I don’t know” to any of these questions, you have some work to do . . . ASAP.

You must protect your business from your users & external threats, and you must have an enterprise grade FSS solution for your business. Why? Because business owners say, security is their #1 Priority. Source: Autotask Metrics that Matter survey

More importantly, in an increasingly mobile, global business world...“20% of the global workforce telecommute.”
Source: ESNA Technologies

File sync and share is a free-for-all in terms of complexity.

In other words, it comes at you from all directions; that is the free-for-all. It is very difficult to keep track of your data across all of these technologies:

  • Multiple copies of files
  • Consumer grade FSS
  • Email
  • Personal mobile devices

45% of businesses use “consumer cloud” sites...to share sensitive business information. This is bad.
Source: GlobalSCAPE

30% of employees have used unapproved cloud storage services for work-related files. This too is bad.
Source: GlobalSCAPE

63% of businesses use remote storage devices, like USB drives, to transfer confidential work files. Yep! This last one is bad too.
Source: Tech Pro Research

Just one breach could be devastating. What would you do if a hacker gained control of these types of data? Would your business survive the loss of data from this type of attack?

  • Patient/consumer data
  • Payroll/HR
  • Strategic planning


  • Productivity
  • Local and online editing
  • Versioning and recovery
  • Quick recovery from ransomware and crypto locker type attacks!
  • Automatic QR coding and scan to PDF
  • Salesforce, Office, Google Docs integrations


  • Multi-user editing and smart file locking
  • Team and third-party secure sharing
  • Document commenting and notification
  • Selective sync and granular permissions
  • Collaboration


  • Smart mobile sync and online/offline mode
  • Built-in creation, editing and markup
  • Photo and video capture
  • Integrated on-device security
  • Collaborate from anywhere, on any device

Thank you for joining us in this short series on DTS LiveSyncIT from DTS InfoTech: A Secure File Sync & Share (FSS) Solution for Your Business.

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