I Don’t Need A Backup And Security Audit. My IT Guy Has It Covered.

I Don’t Need A Backup And Security Audit. My IT Guy Has It Covered.

I Don’t Need A Backup And Security Audit comment from business owners, is the topic of our ninth post from our Business Advisory Guide entitled “12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backup, Security And Disaster Recovery.” Written in plain English, this easy to read 15 page guide explains what you must know about data backup and disaster recovery, should you experience a data erasing disaster at your business.

In this post we poke a little good natured fun about business owners who say:

But I Don’t Need A Backup And Security Audit Because My IT Guy Has It Covered…

Maybe you don’t feel as though you have an urgent problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Maybe you think your data is perfectly safe. Many of our current clients felt that their data was safe until it became necessary for them to restore their data. Unfortunately, that is when most companies “test” their data backup and restore solution. We are helping companies like yours avoid embarrassing and extremely costly data catastrophes like these:

One Horror Story:

The President of an association thought their data was being backed up safe and sound every night and he wasn’t interested in looking at any other form of backup solutions. He shared with us that he had an IT guy who was responsible for maintaining the backup and had spent thousands of dollars on a highly sophisticated tape system and software. Of course, the day came when the server crashed suddenly and could not be rebooted. Fast forward three weeks, $62,000 and a BRAND NEW IT PERSON later, they restored the data to as close to “before failure” as possible (much of the data was lost forever). The President of this association (who understandably asked to remain anonymous) described the worst part of the whole experience as the frustration of spending a lot of money to avoid this type of disaster, only to discover that the systems and solution he had in place only APPEARED to be working, when in fact they never were.

And another:

Another client of ours learned their lesson the hard way, which is all too often the case. The tape backup appeared to be working, but when he needed it most, it failed to restore. They had to recreate almost a month’s worth of data because the tape failed. In the Director of IT’s own words, “I had my bags packed and was ready to be shown the door. The only reason I have my job today is because I proved to my boss that all indications were the data was being backed up. All the logs and reports noted that the backups and verifications were completed without errors. The tape just didn’t work.”

How To Request Your Data Backup And Security Audit

To request this, simply do one of the following:

1. Call our office at 503-359-1275 and ask to speak to Wally at ext. #122

2. Send us an e-mail to info@dtsinfotech.com

3. Go online to www.dtsinfotech.com

As soon as we receive your request, we’ll call to schedule a convenient time to meet with you and to conduct the audit of your backup system. Again, you are under no obligation to do or buy anything. Even if you choose not to hire us for any additional work, you’ll at least get a free, 3rd party evaluation of your company’s data backup and security.

In our next post we’ll talk about why you should trust dts|infotech

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