Does DTS offer 24-hour support?

Yes! DTS InfoTech does offer 24-hour support for monthly subscribers that purchase our Diamond Plan.

What is the Diamond Plan?

The DTS Diamond Plan is our top tier, all-inclusive, IT Support plan for businesses requiring IT Support around the clock. DTS is closed on weekends and holidays, but Diamond subscribers receive a commitment to a 30-minute return call outside of business hours for emergency (business down) issues.

All You Can Eat

Another way to state this is that businesses subscribing to the Diamond Plan receive unlimited support for one monthly price, regardless of the number of hours DTS spends resolving your issue(s); like a buffet restaurant, it’s all you can eat for one price.

You can be assured, for emergency after-hours issues, DTS will respond (contact you back) to your issue within 30 minutes and we will work on resolving the issue for as long as it takes at no additional charge to you. The obvious exception to this, of course, is replacing hardware that has failed. You will have to pay for replacement hardware that is not covered under a warranty.

In a nutshell, that’s our 24-hour support, but there’s more to it than that!

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The following information is taken from our Diamond Plan Agreement that we enter into with businesses requiring this level of support . . .

Term of Agreement

All Diamond plans require a minimum commitment term of 12 months from the agreement date and renew automatically at the end of each annual term.

Payment Terms

This is a subscription service, paid on a monthly basis. Additionally, there is a 3% annual price increase.

We require an EFT/ACH draft from a checking account on the first business day of each month for that calendar month’s service. We can also charge a credit card (M/C, Visa, AmEx) however there is an additional 3% surcharge on any transactions paid by credit card.

Hours and Days of Support

DTS standard office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Support will not be provided on certain national holidays, weekends and after hours unless specified and agreed to by both companies. LiveWatchIT Diamond subscribers have access to a 24x7 emergency voice mail line that will alert an on-call support analyst. We commit to returning any after-hours emergency calls and commencing work on your issue within 30 minutes.

General Support Policies

There are three ways to request support:

  • Call (503) 359-1275 on weekdays, during normal support hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm PST. LiveWatchIT Diamond subscribers have access to an emergency voicemail 24x7.
  • Enter a Service Ticket by double-clicking the dts icon displayed in the notification area (lower right corner of the computer screen, near the clock).
  • Send an email to for ALL requests. The support e-mail address is received by all employees at DTS InfoTech and will result in the fastest service. Do not address any technical requests directly to one person at DTS InfoTech.

We will attempt to resolve all issues over the phone or through remote-controlled support. Our goal is to resolve user problems as quickly as possible, without the delay of trying to schedule an on-site appointment. We will schedule an on-site appointment only when we have determined the issue cannot be effectively resolved remotely.

Covered Systems

We will provide maintenance to all covered systems located at your business address. Coverage includes any mobile systems and home office systems as specified and agreed to in advance.

Scheduled Maintenance Times

1:00 am - 3:00 am unless otherwise agreed upon. During this time, systems and/or servers may be rebooted and unavailable for production work.

Desktops and Servers

Upon the first contact, we will assess the technical severity and business urgency of the issue. Critical issues (for example a system crash) will be scheduled in and addressed prior to issues that are not critical (for example inability to open a particular web page).

We will attempt to resolve issues through remote-support by the end of the following business day.

If an on-site appointment is required, we will schedule it into our regular calendar. We typically run one to three business day (Monday through Friday) lead times for on-site appointments.

What Is Covered and Not Covered

  • This SLA and our LiveWatchIT Diamond plan do not cover the cost of any replacement parts.
  • If your desktop or server is under the hardware manufacturer’s warranty, the manufacturer may cover the cost of the replacement part and the installation thereof. If your hardware is out of warranty, you will need to purchase the replacement part(s).
  • If a system is under warranty, DTS InfoTech will manage the hardware manufacturer’s support resources to repair it.
  • With LiveWatchIT Pro plans, labor cost for installation of replacement parts for failed hardware is not considered a “maintenance” task and will be billed as additional labor time if labor is not covered under manufacturer’s warranty. For LiveWatchIT Diamond plans, DTS will cover any replacement labor costs as labor is included in your plan.
  • Any new/additional systems installed will automatically be added into your Diamond plan subscription in the following month’s billing cycle.
  • Line-of-Business Applications (LOB) - DTS InfoTech will manage the software manufacturer’s support resources to resolve this type of issue. Labor is covered under your LiveWatchIT Diamond plan.

We reserve the right to bill for parts and/or labor incurred if circumstances surrounding a system or software failure meet the following criteria in whole or in part:

  • Environmental failure events (such as fire, flood, landslide, etc.) that render hardware unusable
  • Events beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to Acts of God, government regulation, labor strikes, natural disaster, war, and national emergency
  • Any act or omission on the part of any party other than DTS InfoTech, LLC

Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring agent and other basic management tools must be set up on your file server(s) and all user systems. This gives us the ability to monitor, support and manage your technology infrastructure.

Management Reporting

If you request them, management reports detailing patch installations, backup completions, disk space consumption, and other pertinent routine maintenance statistics will be emailed to your primary contact on a monthly basis.

Response Time

For standard (non-emergency) issues, DTS will respond (contact you back) to your issue within 4 business hours of receiving your:

  • Phone call. Just give us a call at 503.359.1275
  • Your Service Ticket, that you submit, from the dts icon displayed on the right side of your taskbar (usually in the lower right corner of the screen)
  • Email to

For emergency after-hours issues, DTS will respond (contact you back) to your issue within 30 minutes or receiving your emergency-line voice mail.

Note: “response” time denotes when a technical resource will begin addressing your issue. Issue resolution time will vary by the issue and could take substantially longer than 30 minutes.

General Statements

To help resolve service issues and escalate issues within your business, we will train a key employee of yours to serve as the primary contact between DTS InfoTech and your business. This is not a technical position.

Liability Protection

Monetary liability for unresolvable errors or omissions caused by DTS InfoTech shall not exceed one month’s subscription price.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Under no circumstances will DTS InfoTech disclose any information about your business, or your customers, and we will not compete with you. DTS InfoTech will not attempt to hire employees away from your business and you agree to the same.

Termination Terms

Termination of this agreement prior to completion of the agreement term will require payment for any discounted labor services previously incurred during the agreement term, plus one month’s subscription fees.

And with that we’ve come to the end of our thoughts (for now) on 24 hour support.

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