Data Backup - Disaster Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery is the headline for this first post on a critical topic to businesses of all sizes.

If you ever have to recover from a data erasing disaster at your business and you’re prepared, you’ll be able to say, “I’ve been there, I’ve done that and it saved my business!”

But if you’re not prepared or you’re not sure about this whole Data Backup and Disaster Recovery thing in general, well . . . you should continue reading.

We’re posting this blog for everyone who feels unprepared for this, and for those who did not choose the responsibility of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery at the company you work for.

Our heart goes out to you as this post explains.

For this week we start with answering the question you may be asking

"Who the heck is DTS InfoTech and why should I listen to you?”

Well . . . you should listen because . . . 

  • DTS InfoTech currently supports about 80 small business (SMBS) networks.
  • Networks with multiples locations, no IT staff and very little money to spend on IT.
  • We’ve been managing computer networks for over 30 years.

Those alone are good reason to listen.

But you should really listen because . . .

  • You really don’t want to deal with Data Backup and Disaster Recovery. We understand.
  • You’ve been ambushed into backing up the data at your company. That is you didn’t ask for it.
  • But it’s part of your job. You’ll be encouraged.

If that describes you, our hearts goes out to you because . . .

  • We’ve been there.
  • We’ve done that.
  • And we can help you!

It starts with my own

disaster recovery story.

In 2004, the president of the manufacturing company I worked for at the time, called me into his office and showed me a medical implant. We had manufactured them for years. Pointing to the implant on his desk he said, “The original design notes and blueprints for this are backed up on tape right?”

I said, “That data is on old tapes in storage that we’ve never used. The IT guy before me replaced the old backup system with the one we’re using now. We haven’t used those old tapes in years.”

He said, “But I’ve been told the original design notes and manufacturing blue prints are on those tapes. You CAN restore that data right?”

I said, “Uh . . . yeah. We’ll have to send the tapes out to recover the data. Why do you want this done?”

He said, “Look at the implant.”

I had literally worked on thousands of them, so I knew the product very well. I picked it up and carefully looked at it, but I was confused when I didn’t see our
company name on it. The name that was there was a competitor of ours.

The president said, “Pretty good fake huh? It’s a knock off. We’ve filed a patent infringement law suit to stop them. But we need the date stamp from the original design notes and prints to prove that we’ve been making this rod for 5 years BEFORE our competitor released this.”

With a very serious look he said, “You CAN get that data . . . can’t you?” I said, “Yeah.”

And he said, “Good, you have two weeks.”

I sent the tapes to Ontrack, which is now  Kroll Ontrack, they specialize in data recovery. NASA sent the flight recorder box from the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster to this company and they recovered over 95% of the data that was found on that box at the bottom of the ocean.

Ontrack called me to say they could recover most of the data, but not all of the data, because magnetic backup tapes degrade over time and these tapes were old.

They said recovery would take them 5 days and cost $3,150.00. We accepted their price and turn around.

A week later, they sent us the recovered data and we were able to find and restore the original “date stamped” design notes and prints.

Mission accomplished!

A few weeks later, in downtown Portland, in the 4th Judicial District Court of Oregon, the lawyers for our company submitted these “date stamped” documents. When the judge announced his decision and the gavel came down, our competitor was found guilty of patent infringement.

You’ll find documents posted that state:

“The jury found that Stryker had willfully infringed the Acumed patent and awarded damages based upon Acumed’s lost profits and a reasonable royalty. On February 22, 2006 the district court granted Acumed’s motion for a permanent injunction.”

That’s my own personal story and I’ve shared it because I want you to know that:

  • I had zero experience and no desire to change backup tapes.
  • Maybe you’re the same.
  • I felt ambushed into doing a job that “at the time” I wanted no part of.

So when I talk about Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, I’ve been there and done that.

In our next post you’re going to learn 4 things:

#1 – A common misunderstanding most business owners have about their current backup system. They say, “It’s good enough to have a copy of your data.”
#2 – The two-step backup system you must have in place to be 100% certain your business is back up and running FAST in the event of a complete disaster.
#3 – The only surefire way to know if your data is being backed up; almost 99% of business owners never perform this simple check.
#4 – How Cloud computing can make it easy for you and your staff to access your data from anywhere, while providing automatic data backup and business continuity.

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Wally Moore
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