Data backup centers, thousands of miles apart means data is safe

by Wally Moore

on January 27, 2015

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Data backups

Data backups is the tenth and final post from our Business Advisory Guide entitled “12 Little-Known Facts Every Business Owner Must Know About Data Backup, Security And Disaster Recovery.” Written in plain English, this easy to read 15 page guide explains what you must know about data backup and disaster recovery, should you experience a data erasing disaster at your business.

In this post we answer the question you may be asking:

Data Backup - Why Trust DTS InfoTech?

There are a lot of companies offering remote backup services, so what makes us so special? Why choose us over the dozens of other companies offering what appear to be the same services? I’m glad you asked because there are 5 BIG reasons to trust us with your data security:

  • High-Availability, High Security DataCenters. Two SSAE 16 Type II secure online data backup centers, located thousands of miles apart. This means your data is locked down tight, protected from even the worst natural disasters – fire, flood and theft.
  • 365 Days A Year Monitoring. We believe data backups need to be monitored and checked by a qualified technician – not an automated machine. When you trust your backups and security to us, we make SURE these systems are well maintained and monitored.
  • Free Help Desk For File Restores. Need help in restoring a file you accidentally deleted or over wrote? Call our help desk and we’ll restore it back to you. Some companies charge you extra for this service, or don’t offer it at all.
  • Regular Test Restores And Reporting. We insist that all clients receive quarterly test restores of their backups to ensure they are working. We also send all of our clients a routine e-mail that verifies that their backups ran without errors. Of course if they don’t, we’re on it immediately.
  • We’re Local! We often joke that clients like to have a vendor within “choking distance.” Not only are we local, but we’ve also been serving small and medium businesses in this area for 13 years. We’ll come on site, shake your hand, and buy you a cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a local company that can meet with you face to face rather than an unknown entity in a different state – or different country?

If you want to skip this blog and read the entire 15 page guide, you can download your Free Business Advisory Guide Here.

This guide explains in plain every day English what you need to know about data backup, security and disaster recovery.

And don’t worry about some sales guy calling you from our office because you downloaded information off of our website. No one from our office will call you; I promise. We don’t like sales calls any more than you do! We understand if you’re not ready to do that, and if that’s the case, then just read these posts when they come out. We post on a regular schedule.

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