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by Wally Moore

on May 18, 2016

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Data Backup and Recovery? Lately we’ve had a number of conversations with small business owners who think they’re okay because they have their data backed up. Don’t get me wrong, backing up your data is good a thing to do, very good, but it’s only one piece of disaster recovery and staying in business, also known as business continuity.

However, your real focus should not be on having your data backed up, that’s too narrow minded. It should be on how long it will take you to recover your data so you’re back in business. Remember, you have to get your business back to being in business, not just having data that is backed up.

Data Backup and Recovery? Come see us!

Last week we were invited out to a company to evaluate their network. During our first meeting it became apparent that they thought having their data backed up was enough, that they would be okay if a data erasing disaster were to visit their business. In our evaluation we found out that most of their data was not even being backed up. Yikes! This is obviously quite concerning. But they also back up their data onto tapes. This too, always concerns us, because recovering your data from a tape backup will not necessarily get you up and running quickly. Data alone does not guarantee you’ll be back up and running.

How long will it take you to recover?

In other words if you have to do a full data restoration on a server, and you only have tape backups to rely on, you’re probably not going to get that server up and running for three to five days. And that is too slow. Way too slow. Do you really think that not having your company data for several days is okay? You don’t think that do you?


Additionally, with the rise of Ransomware attacks, more and more organizations are just paying the attackers to release their company data. The FBI recently issued an alert about the broader category of rogueware, which include ransomware and fake antivirus scareware scams. According to the FBI, criminals are netting an estimated $150 million a year through these scams. “Ransomware is actually scarier” than the scareware scams, says Robert Siciliano, a Boston-based identity theft expert. “There’s nothing worse in the field of technology than having a criminal in control of your network. When a ransomware attack occurs, it can easily elevate from a potential data loss to potential identity theft to a data breach in the form of extortion.”

This really bothers us here at DTS. Why?

Because it’s so unnecessary. With the data backup and recovery technology that is available today, you simply don’t have to spend days restoring your server, or paying crooks large sums of money after they have locked you out of your data.

We sell, service, use and recommend data backup technology from Datto. Datto lets us restore data in minutes, not hours. If a hypothetical criminal was successful at encrypting our data we would not pay the ransom. EVER. We would quickly and easily switch over to our Datto device and be back up and running and there is nothing a hacker or disaster could do that would stop us. Nothing. Guaranteed!

Got backup? DTS InfoTech Can Help

Many small businesses do not understand disaster recovery and business continuity and it’s a shame.

If you own a small business, and you’re not sure about all of this data backup talk, and how to protect your data, give us a call! We’ll spend as much time with you as you need to make sure you understand how to protect your business.

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