Cybersecurity Awareness Training

by Wally Moore

on July 29, 2019

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Or you may pose the question like this, “Why don’t you just use technology? Can’t technology do the job of stopping the hackers?” Nope. Why not? Because most breaches are due to human mistakes.

Technology alone is never enough; it’s just one piece of it

To successfully defend your business against hackers, you need:

  1. hardware
  2. software
  3. technology expertise
  4. training

If you want to be successful in defense of your business against hackers (and who doesn’t?) you need to think holistically about defending your business. See the big picture.

Most businesses we provide IT Services for didn’t think this way until we sat down with them to have a little chat about the dark side of the internet.

So, now, we’re sitting down with you, if you’ll listen

People are human. People make mistakes. People doing people things provide hackers with an easy entrance into your computer network at your business. Easy entrance? Yep!

And because hackers do it on such a large scale – many attacks on many businesses every day, hackers are successful. You can read more about it here successful hacking. You should take the time and click on the link to read the Wikipedia article on this, successful hacking is a real eye-opener.

Social Engineering

A term used to describe this behavior of people doing people things is called social engineering. Social engineering has been around for a long, long, long time.

It only takes one and only one time at that

In other words, why would hackers spend all their time and energy getting around sophisticated defense systems comprised of advanced hardware, software and technology expertise, when they can prey upon that one person in your company (perhaps that’s you!) who will do a people type of thing and open an email that is infected?

It makes sense when you stop and think about it

Trouble is many people in businesses, from the CEO on down to the person in shipping & receiving, do not think about hackers trying to trick them with an email. We’re all so busy doing our jobs that we don’t take the time even to ask this question, “Is this email legitimate, or is it fake?”

Most of us assume an email is legitimate when often they are not.

Enter the trained employee!

Imagine, your trained employee who is part of your first line of defense against the constant attacks businesses must defend against every single day. A trained employee who is proficient at spotting suspicious emails is worth their paycheck.

A different type of employee. Different? Yes!

Different in the sense that now, after training, they go from being a sheep about to be slaughtered by a hacker, to a sheepdog successfully defending your business against a well-planned attack against your business.

A vigilant employee who is trained well, combined with hardware, software, AND state-of-the-art training at their desk, decreases the chance of a successful attack against your business.

How do you train your employees?

How do you train your employees is a good question. It’s the whole reason we’ve written this article.

We all need to be aware of the cybersecurity threats we face. But how do you do that?

You accomplish that with repetitive, effective cyber awareness training, using the newest online training that is being updated daily to reflect the latest variations the hackers are using to steal from your business.

Customize Training to Make it Engaging and Relevant to Your Users

Simulation and training content from DTS InfoTech is easy to use and are fully customizable. You get a wide variety of materials: Choose from hundreds of easy-to-use simulation templates, landing pages, risk assessment surveys, and engaging multi-lingual training content online.

Materials can be used individually or integrated into simulated phishing and social-engineering campaigns. New simulation and training content is added daily, to reflect the most recent threats and training resources available to help protect your business.

Training is delivered as soon as the need is identified, using a built-in workflow engine

For example, you can:

  • Use a landing page for in-the-moment training when someone performs an unsafe action as part of a mock e-mail phishing campaign
  • You can also send training invitations to specific employees based on their past actions and risk profile
  • You can schedule training invitations and post on-demand training to your employees

This type of training makes it easy for employees to instantly report suspicious emails to your help desk or incident response team. A simple, powerful solution that gives you complete control over the entire process at all times.

Identify Human Risk Factors in a Non-Threatening Manner

  • Do your employees truly understand the information security policy they signed? This, of course, assumes you have employees sign security policies.
  • Did a recent information security announcement have any impact on their perceptions of risk?
  • Is your security awareness program addressing the real needs of employees, from their perspectives? They need training; we all do.

These are some of the questions addressed by our Risk-Based Survey module in a thoughtful, perceptive, and non-threatening manner. These unique, qualitative, risk-assessment capabilities allow for discovery in the “voice of the employee.”

Back-end analysis capabilities lead to a unique and powerful assessment tool that quantifies risk by impact and likelihood scores. You can objectively evaluate your organization’s human-risk factor based on meaningful feedback from your employees.

Protect Your Business With Updated Content That Guards Against The Latest Threats

  • With this type of training, there’s no need to recycle the same old training and testing materials.
  • The training is constantly updated by cybersecurity experts to reflect the newest threats and the training resources available to protect your business.
  • Engage your employees - and keep their interest - with a wide variety of choices and materials designed to fit your corporate culture.

Also, a bundle of content updates is delivered each month. Each update is aligned around a hot topic and includes a new training video, email template, and landing page. A monthly newsletter and infographic content also help keep your training program fresh and on topic.

There’s no need to piece together your curriculum

Cybersecurity experts have created phishing tests—from methodologies to lures, to landing pages—that complement the content of our training materials. Consistent testing means there is one style, one message, one way to make things happen from start to finish.

Providing a fully-integrated, social-engineering solution saves your business time and money.

Automate Your Anti-Phishing Program to Consistently Stay Ahead of Hackers

Merge risk-based attributes from multiple sources

Using workflows, you can also merge risk-based user attributes from other applications and databases and then use this information to trigger testing and training campaigns based on events. For example, you can integrate into your HR system an automatic trigger for a “new hire training campaign” for new employees.

Teachable Moments that Matter

By integrating with third-party databases such as LDAP, you can automatically trigger the delivery of security awareness content based on actual events. For example, a simple password reset request to the help desk can now become an immersive moment in which users can receive training and testing to ensure they are applying best practices.

Automate Incident Response and Get Access to Threat Insights

No email defense can protect against every email threat one hundred percent of the time. And when malicious email ends up in an employee’s user inbox, you need to address the problem quickly. Slow, inefficient manual incident response processes too often allow the attack to spread further.

Forensics, Remediation All Sounds Very Technical. What does it mean?

It means your employees are tested and trained to become vigilant in recognizing emails they receive that are from the bad guys — emails designed to steal your data or lock up your data, forcing you to pay a ransom to recover. Your first line of defense becomes a trained employee who can react appropriately to these types of threats.

The training is carried out on a schedule of your choosing. Your employees never have to leave their desks to be trained. The training is not invasive. The training is very affordable.

The training is very effective.

DTS InfoTech Can Help

We’re good at Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Seriously, we are.

We’ve partnered with Barracuda. Barracuda’s first spam and virus firewall product became the world’s most widely-deployed solution for on-premises email security.

Additionally, Barracuda has won more awards than you can shake a stick at. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but click on this link to see their awards. The last time I looked, I counted forty-three awards. That’s some serious stick shaking!

We know how intimidating technology can be, we make a living helping people just like you who have questions about all thing’s technology, and that includes award-winning Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

Most small businesses do not have the technical resources or time to understand all this geek stuff. If this describes you, we can help.

If you would like more information about training your employees give us a call, we’re always happy to chat, and the call is free!

Dedicated to your success,

Wally Moore

Business Development Manager

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