Computer network maintenance: 4 Most Costly Misconceptions - Part 2

by Wally Moore

on June 30, 2014

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Computer network maintenance is the headline for this tenth post from our Business Advisory Guide entitled“What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring an Honest and Competent, Responsive and Fairly Priced Computer Consultant.”  We wrote this guide to help business owners who have to outsource the maintenance of their computers.

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This week we continue with:

Part Two of Four

The 4 Most Costly Misconceptions About

Computer Maintenance and Repair

Misconception #2: My nephew/neighbor’s kid/brother-in-law/office manager knows this computer stuff and can take care of our computers.

Most people look for a part time “guru” for one reason: to save a few bucks; but this often comes back to haunt them. We frequently get calls from business owners who desperately need our help to get them back up and running or to clean up a mess that was caused by a well-intentioned but inexperienced neighbor, friend, or relative.

If the person working on your machine does not do computer repair and support full-time for a living, there is a good chance they won’t have the knowledge or experience to truly help you – they are a hobbyist at best. And do you really want a part-time, inexperienced person responsible for handling something as important as your data and computer network? As with everything in life, you get what you pay for. That’s not to say you need to go broke to find a great technician, but you shouldn’t be choosing someone on “price and proximity” alone.

In our next post we’ll continue with: The 4 Most Costly Misconceptions About Computer Maintenance and Repair

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