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by Wally Moore

on February 4, 2019

in IT Support

What’s it cost?

You want to know how much IT Support will cost your business and what you get for your money. Good questions.

Answer: it depends

You didn’t want to hear that. But hey, keep reading. You’ll get a ballpark idea on what IT Support will cost. I promise!

It depends? On what?

Several things we don’t know. What's important to you? What's important to your business? The technology you use. To get you a ballpark cost, we must know these things.

It’s like car repair

You have a braking problem. You call your mechanic and ask, “Stan, how much will this cost?”

Stan says, “That depends on what we find when we test drive it and get it up on the lift to have a look. The diagnosis is $58.00. Based upon what we find out, we’ll be able to give you an estimate. But I can’t give you a ball park price until we have a look. The price may change once we start work.

Undeterred, you ask Stan, “Can’t you give me a ballpark price now?”

You have a car, you know how it works. And it makes sense. Estimating cost for IT Support is similar.

A ballpark price

IT Support for business is simply based upon the number and types of devices a company uses.

As an example, let’s take two different small business clients. Each has 7 desktop computers. Client #1 has subscription costs of $377.93/month. Client #2 has subscription costs of $614.37/month.

“They have the same number of computers, so what’s the difference?”

Well, Client #2 desired to have all their costs (including any remote or on-site labor, and including 7 x 24 emergency phone technical support) built into an always-fixed monthly price. Client #1 is only open 5 x 10, so doesn’t need round-the-clock support and just pays an extra hourly rate for any on-site or remote help desk calls.

In most months, Client #1 pays less than Client #2. However, sometimes in months of extra need, Client #1 could pay double or even triple that cost because their subscription doesn’t include labor like Client #2.

But it’s not just computer/IT Support

Think about it, who supports you? We do!

Nothing against Stan, but he only repairs cars, he doesn’t support drivers. That’s why this analogy of IT Support and car repair is similar, yet different.

Got a server?

Yes, you say. Monthly cost to support a server for a sample client is $229.00, and that would be added to the cost of the workstation support.

Is that all there is? Nope, there’s more.

Data protection

Are you backing up your data? Yes, you say. But the problem is, backups are only the first half of the equation. The real question is: “How fast will you be back in business if you’ve “lost” all your data? Can you restore data quickly after a ‘data erasing disaster’ visits your business?”

You never, EVER, lose data

IT Support for business has core beliefs; one is business continuity. That is “you never, EVER, lose data.” Why?

Data = business. You have no data = you have no business.

You never, EVER, pay ransom

Another core belief in IT Support for business is, “you never, EVER, pay the ransom” to get your data back during a Ransomware attack. Doing so encourages attackers to continue the attacks. And most of the time, you’ll never get your data back even after you’ve paid them, which just adds insult to financial injury.

We’ve read about businesses that paid money to get their data back after it was locked up.

We’ve made a big deal about protecting your business, to say you must factor into your IT Support the amount of data you have.

How much data do you have?

In our experience, (30+ years providing IT Support for business) most businesses don’t really know how much data they have! In other words, we can’t give you a ballpark cost not knowing how much company data you have.

But! We will give you a cost based upon a real company we support

Disclaimer: The following prices may not apply to your company.

Your price will vary, because all businesses are unique.

The following is sample pricing for a typical business.

Monthly price based upon 7 computers, 1 server and cloud data backup up to 500 gigabytes (GB).

  • 1 Server. Fully-managed and monitored.
  • 7 Desktops. Fully-managed and monitored.
  • 1 Datto Alto Cloud Backup, up to 500 GB, Monthly Storage Plan.

Total monthly IT Support amount $805.93

There’s the pricing we promised!

What you get for your money:

A fully managed and monitored server, desktops and data backup insuring a “computer network that works” all the time.

  • Imagine your mechanic, Stan, inspecting and maintaining your car every night to make sure it’s ready to go first thing in the morning. We do that for your computers. Stan does not do that for your car.
  • Your own IT Support department, with decades of experience, to call anytime for advice for all-things technology. Unlimited questions included in the monthly fee.
  • Actual cost, per hour, is less than paying minimum wage. How many employees do you have, with our qualifications, that work for $ 805.93 each month, with no benefits or time off?
  • Restoring deleted files. Included in your monthly fee.
  • Client service portal to create and track service tickets. Included in your monthly fee.
  • IT Support that solves issues for you, not themselves.
  • IT Support that takes responsibility for all your technology, not just computers.
  • And much more . . .


Are you considering hiring a company for IT Support?

Invite them over to have a look under the hood; just like Stan, your mechanic. Only then will your questions get answered, plus you’ll get a no cost, no obligation, network evaluation, written in plain English, with accurate pricing. At least that’s what we do here at DTS InfoTech.

If we can help, please call us at 503.359.1275

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